Can we STOP Autism Now?

by Kayla Grossmann

30 years ago: 1 in 2,500 children have autism.

Today: 1 in 91 children have autism. The rate is increasing by 10-17% yearly.   

The rates of autism have reached epidemic proportions.  Doctors, pharmaceutical companies and media organizations state there is no hard scientific evidence to point to a cause...  


According to the National Institutes of Health, autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder appearing in the first 3 years of life that is diagnosed by conditions of impaired social and communication skills, in addition to notable repetitive behaviors. These symptoms occur along a spectrum of severity and are grouped into five subtypes including: classic autism, rett syndrome, asperger’s syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD), and pervasive developmental disorders (PDD).

Where we Stand Current conventional treatment methods include a medley of pharmaceutical, emotional and behavioral therapies that aim to help children and adults with autism "cope” with their disorders in a strength-based, functional way. While many of those with autism make gains in this structured system, progress is slow and arduous for both individual and family. Even the most well known pediatricians in the field admit, the drug and behavior-based treatments are not a fully effective nor curative treatment.

What are we Missing? The setting of a medical/residential program for severely autistic children is both complex and challenging: one can hear the constant scratch of a doctor’s pen across prescription pads and the slow clink of a rainbow combination of medications into a paper cup. One hears the laughter, buzzing timers and encouraging words of therapists working hard with individuals on target behavior plans to complete tasks. One can see the longing look deep in parents eyes as they see yet another pill mixture swallowed by their beloved child and washed down with a synthetic drink of Crystal Light Juice. Sometimes the medications help manage symptoms for a time; sometimes they wear off or don’t seem to change anything; sometimes they present with side-effects that clearly outweigh any benefit and other times they make things worse. Well-intentioned parents who question medications are labeled "unfit" and yet treatment teams ask time and time again “why isn't this working? There must be something more."


There is something more. Think back to the medical setting: the old buildings built with proven toxic substances. The stagnant air and lack of sunshine as it filters meekly through windows. The feeling of the chemical cleaning products as they make one’s eyes sting with their sterilization efforts.  The number of cartoon-imprinted band-aids being placed snugly over flu-vaccination sites yearly. And importantly: the distinct smell of mass-produced, low-fat, nutrient-deficient hospital food. If you are feeling brave, you can even imagine the uncomfortable after-effect of this seeping from underneath the bathroom door.   

Diet and Environment  The low-cost, effective, preventative and therapeutic measures that are often so suspiciously omitted from main-stream medical care. Have you ever wondered about the importance of these components in the healing process? Or how our everyday habits are contributing to the spread of Autism? Many consumers are made afraid of asking these questions, in fear of being labeled as "earth-crunchy," "neglectful" or "ridiculous."

Stop Autism Now!


In his dynamic book Stop Autism Now! Dr. Bruce Fife explores the under-acknowledged roles of diet, environment and vaccines in the autism epidemic. Without the convoluted perspective of vested-interest pharmaceutical organizations, Fife reveals the clear link of diet as a major player in the autism mystery and presents a viable, study-proven ketone based diet as a part of a cureFull of recipes and suggestions, Fife gives readers the tools to make the change, to STOP the autism epidemic- and perhaps even more importantly he suggests that we can.




 In Stop Autism Now!, you learn about:

  • the cause of Autism

  • prevention methods

  • how to successfully treat with a proven dietary approach

  • benefits of coconut oil

  • vaccine controversy

  • affects of mother’s health and lifestyle

  • environmental toxins in air and water

  • dangerous food additives and drugs

  • link between autism and digestive health

The time to stop the Autism epidemic is NOW, and the person is YOU. Be empowered to make your own decisions for the lasting, radiant health of the present and for the future.

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