Organic Elderberry Syrup

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Immune Support with Anthoimmune™ Organic Elderberry Syrup from Maine Medicinals.

Immune Support with Elderberry Syrup from Maine Medicinals

Maine Medicinals original formula begins with growing exceptional, antioxidant rich elderberries and elderflowers on our certified organic farm in Dresden, Maine. Flowers and berries are harvested at their peak, and processed immediately to capture and preserve the valuable phytonutrients available in the raw fruit and flowers.

With this Anthoimmune™ Organic Elderberry Syrup you get a delivery of powerful antioxidants including anthocyanins and polyphenols. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, combat oxidative stress, protect against cell damage and enhance overall immune system functions.

Elderberries are recognized for their high antioxidant capacity as verified by the USDA ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) rating. The flavonoids in elderberries and elderflowers include quercetin, and are recognized for their ability to protect cells and to promote healthy inflammation response. anthoimmune™ has an Estimated Glycemic Load™ of less than one, meaning it will not cause a surge in blood-sugar levels. anthoimmune™ has not been tested on animals and does not contain animal products.


  • Provides comprehensive immune system support
  • Organic Elderberries
  • Supports overall health and vitality

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 tsp (5 ml)

Serving Per Container - 4 fl oz: 24

Serving Per Container - 8 fl oz: 48

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Proprietary Blend
 Organic American elder berry (Sambucus canadensis), Organic European elder berry (Sambucus nigra) Organic blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium), Organic American elder flower (Sambucus canadensis).
2.78 g **

** Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients: Organic agave nectar, Water and 3.5-5% Organic pure grain alcohol USP.

Suggested Use. Daily immune system support.

Daily Support: 1 tsp. 1-2 times daily.

Intensive Use: 1-2 tsp 4 times daily.

Children 6-12 yrs: ½ - 1 tsp once daily.

Children 2-5 yrs: ¼ - ½ tsp once daily.

2 Reviews

  • Maine Medicinals Organic Elderberry Syrup

    Feb 8th 2022 | By Linda P


    My new favorite! Best tasting elderberry syrup ever. Simply great stuff.

  • Elderberry Syrup

    Nov 17th 2021 | By ShB


    Very pleasant taste and easy to take. Love to get nutrients from real food, not the lab. Thanks, Radiant Life, for having these healthy options!!

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