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This freeze-dried Organic Kale Powder from Pure Synergy is truly special. This careful processing preserves the abundant health benefits of this popular green superfood in a convenient, concentrated form.

The Finest Freeze-Dried Kale

This freeze-dried Organic Kale Powder from Pure Synergy is truly special. This careful processing preserves the abundant health benefits of this popular green superfood in a convenient, concentrated form.  Rich in vitamins A & K, calcium, carotenoids, and those highly praised cruciferous compounds, this Organic Kale Powder readily disperses into juice or water, or blends into your favorite smoothie.

Additionally, this organic kale is fresh from the fields and optimally harvested, all the nutrients and goodies needed to benefit your health are at their peak. Unlike other products that are heat-dried and/or loaded with fillers and additives, Pure Synergy's cold temp drying process gives you pure kale as a concentrated powder.

Just like broccoli, watercress, and other beneficial cruciferous vegetables, kale contains an abundance of special compounds called glucosinolates, which are making headlines for their powerful detoxification properties and ability to support healthy cells. Pure Synergy's Organic Kale Powder also retains the necessary and elusive myrosinase enzyme, which activates these glucosinolates within your body so that you can make good use of them. Nearly all other kale powders are void of these health-supporting nutrients due to their processing with high-heat and over exposure to oxygen.

Key Nutritional Benefits:

  • Certified organic, kosher, non-GMO
  • Earthy and flavorful, fresh-grown taste
  • Easy to mix in juice, water, smoothies, and more!
  • Absolutely no fillers, sweeteners, carriers, or other unwanted additives
  • USA and EU grown in organically rich soil
  • Peak harvest of whole plant for optimal nutrition and bioactivity
  • Patented fresh freeze-dried through an exclusive Synergy process to retain its wholesome goodness and freshness
  • Never unduly subjected to heat, solvents, oxygen, or other harsh processing

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1.4 g (1 heaping teaspoon)

Serving Per Container: 45

Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
Carbohydrate1 g <1%
Vitamin A (100% as beta-carotene)315 IU6%**
Vitamin C2 mg4%**
Vitamin K161 mcg76%**
Calcium25 mg2%**

**Percent Daily Values based on a 2,000-calorie diet.

Suggested Use: Mix 1 heaping teaspoon with 4-6 oz. filtered water or 100% juice. Or add to your favorite green smoothie to obtain the benefits of kale in a concentrated, easy to use organic powder. More or less may be used depending on your personal preferences.
Free of Gluten, dairy, additives and GMOs
Organically grown and cold-processed in the USA/EU

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