Super Nutrition for Babies

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Katherine Erlich & Kelly Genzlinger 239 Pages - Softcover 2012

The Right Way to Feed Your Baby for Optimal Health!

Recommended by Sally Fallon Morell, Kaayla Daniel, Natasha Campbell McBride
and Nancy Appleton!
(See their reviews below)

What makes Super Nutrition for Babies different? Here are just a few of the scientifically verified nutritional tips including:

  • Many chronic childhood conditions- such as autism, ADD/ADHD, auto-immune disorders, allergies, obesity and diabetes- are caused by today's Standard American Diet
  • Traditional recommendations call for pasteurized milk. However, raw milk contains a complete suite of enzymes, which will boost your child's immunity and aid their digestion.
  • Forget traditional childhood foods such as rice cereal. Babies do not have the ability to digest grains until the age of 3. Including them in your baby's diet only adds to his/her toxic burden and hinders his/her ability to properly process zinc.
  • Include liver and organ meats in your baby's diet to build their brain, bolster their gut integrity, and heal tooth decay.
  • A high-fat diet is critical for your baby's growth in the first 12 months.
  • Vegetarianism isn't best for your child. Animal-based foods contain significantly more amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that a growing baby needs.
  • Avoid juice—even 100% organic juice—as it displaces nutrient-rich foods, causes tummy aches, tooth decay, and is a source of lead and mercury contamination.

Testimonials for this Fabulous Resource!

"A wonderful guide for getting babies off to the right start, and helping them enjoy the gift of health for life."Sally Fallon Morell, President, Weston A. Price Foundation

"The terrible public health experiment of the low-fat, plant-based diet has left our culture in a wreckage of confusion, guilt, and disease. But finally, here is a book for the people who need it most: parents. You only get one chance to grow a child's body, mind, and spirit, and with our traditional food cultures in shreds, parents have been cut adrift in a sea of conflicting advice. Using clear commonsense and basic nutritional concepts, Katherine Erlich and Kelly Genzlinger have written a book that can be an anchor, and then a safe harbor, for parents and babies everywhere."
Lierre Keith, author of The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability

"A clear, practical, and nontrendy guide for parents on how to best feed babies and toddlers, backed by the trifecta of common sense, ancestral wisdom, and sound science. The recommendations accord with Weston A. Price Foundation principles, and are exactly what's needed to get our children off to a good start and to empower their health for life."
Kaayla T. Daniel, Ph.D., C.C.N., Vice President, Weston A. Price Foundation, and author of The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food

"Super Nutrition for Babies by Katherine Erlich and Kelly Genzlinger is something that every expectant and new mother and father should read! It gives the correct information for parents on how to bring up healthy, intelligent and robust children. In a world where parents are constantly bombarded by wrong and harmful information, this book is a rare treasure! I congratulate the authors, who write with authority based on solid clinical and practical experience and their work as a medical doctor and a nutritionist—all supported by thorough research and references. I warmly recommend it."
Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D., author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome

"Erlich and Genzlinger have compiled a wealth of knowledge and experience into a book that is so basic on one hand and so complete and thorough on the other that readers will understand—without difficulty—the concepts and be able to apply them easily. This book is a grand reference book that can be used for many years of a child's life."
Nancy Appleton, Ph.D., author of Lick the Sugar Habit

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