Allicidin: Stabilized Allicin Garlic Supplement Capsules


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Allicidin® provides broad-spectrum, premier quality immune support. It features Allicin Protein Complex™ which yields stabilized allicin (855 mcg/cap), the legendary immune compound in garlic, stabilized by a unique process.

Broad Spectrum Immune Support

Allicidin® garlic capsules provide broad-spectrum, premier quality immune support. It features Allicin Protein Complex™ which yields stabilized allicin (855 mcg/cap), the legendary immune compound in garlic, stabilized by a unique process.

The formula for this allicin garlic supplement also delivers European wild garlic (140 mg/cap), called Bear's Garlic. It's the original non-hybrid garlic (not common kitchen garlic) used for thousands of years for superior immune support. The third complex, Botani-Pro Blend™, is included for optimal nutritional effect.

Allicidin features the stable form of allicin, the active, immune-boosting fraction found in garlic. In addition, it contains all the synergists, co-factors and essential transporters to upregulate the body's capacity to break biofilms in any mucus membrane in the body. It does so gently and effectively because it is also capable of upregulating the elimination of waste products generated from biofilm destruction.

Allicidin garlic capsules have spectacular, broad spectrum, immune-specific support, especially mouth, GI and urinary tracts. Breakthrough new process delivering pure, stabilized allicin for the first time in history. This is not garlic - but the fully potent, active factor in concentrated form, never available before. Premier, living-source extract with high capacity for biofilm destruction and intestinal cleansing.

Broad Spectrum Botanical Immune Support

  • Exquisite cardiovascular and immune support
  • Live-source formula featuring allicin, the legendary organosulfur immune compound
  • With naturally occurring compounds alliin and S-allyl cysteine
  • Contains Allicin OrganoSulfur Complex™ with wild bear garlic, promoting cleansing and support against heavy metals

Wild Garlic Benefits

Significantly more essential nutrients than common kitchen garlic, including such minerals as magnesium, manganese and zinc. Twice the amount of ajoenes, the components responsible for garlic's ability to modulate platelet aggregation.

High content of gamma-glutamyl peptides, the phytochemicals responsible for garlic's ability to regulate angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). Twenty-fold higher levels of adenosine. Adenosine works by opening up the ATP-dependent potassium (KATP) channel in the smooth muscles of blood vessels, leading them to relax and present less resistance to the force of the blood flowing through them.Various phytochemicals present in Allium ursinum protect adenosine from destruction, allowing a significant amount of it to be absorbed intact.

Why not just take regular garlic?

No longer do you need to hope that fresh garlic has enough alliin, so when it's chopped, the allinase enzymes will react to form allicin. Nor do you need to hope the allicin can get to the target site before it degrades to an ineffective form. Now, stabilized allicin, a completely stable form, is available which has a proven track record to gently clear micro-invaders, especially those contained in miniature, multicompartmented cities called biofilms.

Garlic cloves are odor-free until crushed.

Fascinating cross-section studies show that the substrate, alliin, and the enzyme, allinase, are located in different compartments of the same clove. When the clove is crushed, the alliin and allinase then come in contact with each other to rapidly form allicin. However, the reactive allicin molecules produced have a very short half-life, as they react with many surrounding proteins. Thus, consuming stabilized allicin with its unusually high amounts of stable allicin allows for a veritable all-out attack on internal micro-invaders for a superior clinical response – completely safe and effective — without harmful or toxic side effects.

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Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsule

Serving Per Container: 30

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Allicin Organosulfer Complex™
Garlic (bulb) Extract (Allium sativum), Wild Bear Garlic (leaf) (Allium ursinum)
630 mg *
Which yields
S-Allyl Cysteine
190 mcg  
Allicin 3,780 mcg  
Alliin 6 mg  
Organic Turkey Tails (mycelia, fruiting body, spore) 72mg *
Organic Hyssop (areial parts)(Hyssopus officinalis)
72mg *
Organic Parsley (leaf) (Petroselinum crispum) 72mg *

* Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients: Plant-Source Capsule (Cellulose, Water)

Recommended Use: Take 2 capsules daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.

  • Premier live-source formula that features allicin, the legendary organosulfur immune compound in garlic
  • Allicin is activated in garlic when the fresh bulb is pressed, causing it to release the catalyzing enzyme, allinase, which quickly converts allin to the immune-active allicin**

100% solvent-free vegetable capsules
No undesirable tablets, glues or fillers

Manufactured in a cGMP compliant facility for superior quality assurance

Our Quality One Guarantee. No magnesium stearate (an undesirable excipient), corn, milk, soy, salt, sugar, wheat, yeast, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Store in a cool, dry place.