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An Eco-Friendly Way to Address the Effects of Hard Water

by Tom DiGiuseppe, Ph.D.

Is your water supply leaving a white residue in your sinks and bathtubs? Do you see calcification around your tub faucet? Is your shower head clogging due to the presence of a white powder? Do you feel that your soaps and detergents are just not doing their job? Are your clothes that come out of your washing machine still looking dirty and feeling stiff? If so, the effects you are seeing are most likely the result of having “hard” water.

An Eco-Friendly Way to Address the Effects of Hard Water | Radiant Life Blog

Hard water is water that has a high mineral content, primarily in the form of calcium (Ca+2) and magnesium (Mg+2) ions. These minerals will form deposits in your pipes and water appliances often in the form of carbonates, also known as scale, or limescale. Not only is scale unsightly, it can be highly destructive to appliances, potentially decreasing the lifetime of your hot water heater, washing machine and dishwasher by several years, while at the same time increasing energy consumption dramatically.

Hard water is found all throughout the U.S. from those areas without significant rainfall to even very wet climates. So whether you live in the West, Southwest, Mid-West or Mid-Atlantic States, you may be experiencing the effects of hard water. Water hardness values are reported as the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in your water expressed as equivalent of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Water is considered moderately hard at 4 grains per gallon, hard at 7 grains and very hard at 10. The harder the water the more effect you will see.

Traditionally, the most common way of removing water hardness has been through the use of salt-based water softeners. Water softeners use an ion-exchange resin in which the calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium ions. In order to keep the softener working properly, large amounts of salt are needed to regenerate the resin on a weekly basis. Additionally, these systems produce a salty discharge that is not good for the environment resulting in many communities banning or restricting their use.

However, the good news is that there is an alternative to traditional salt-based water softening systems. Radiant Life is pleased to offer a water conditioning system incorporating NoScale®, a revolutionary type of catalytic water conditioning media which changes the structure of lime scale in the water in order to stop it depositing in pipes, water appliances and heating elements. NoScale® represents a new option in water conditioning technology and a safe, healthy alternative to salt-based water softeners.

The benefits of Radiant Life NoScale® water conditioning system include:

  • Skin will feel softer without the slippery feel
  • Hair is shinier, softer and easier to manage
  • Shaving is smoother
  • Laundry washes bright, softer and lasts longer
  • Glassware and dishes sparkle
  • Household cleaning is simplified
  • Plumbing fixtures and appliances are protected against corrosion and scale
  • Reduced soap and detergent use
  • Reduces hot water heater costs
  • No sodium or potassium carbonates to be concerned with
  • Water taste is refreshing without any chemical interference

Radiant Life Whole House Water Conditioning System is designed to provide years of protection from scale build up and reduce or remove existing scale from hard water supplies. The systems are meant for installation at the Point of Entry (POE), wherever the water supply enters your home whereby it can treat your entire house for both hot and cold water.

This NoScale® water conditioning system prevents and reduces existing scale by creating nano sized crystal structures that calcium and magnesium ions attach to and subsequently will not adhere to pipe-work, plumbing fixtures or water using appliances. Unlike water softeners which require salt to periodically “regenerate” or clean the filtration media, NoScale® conditioner requires no additives or chemicals to keep the unit functioning. This unit is not a water softener and will not remove calcium or magnesium minerals from your water. The water in your home will still contain these beneficial and essential minerals and is safe to drink.

Radiant Life NoScale® Water Conditioning System is better than traditional water softening since:

  1. Simple to install - Each NoScale® tank is fitted with a simple in/out head and offers plumbing connections from 1”‐ 1.5” in plastic or copper.
  2. Highly effective - Testing has shown that NoScale® can prevent 99% of lime scale deposition and even reduces lime scale that has already been deposited on heating elements, pipes and fixtures.
  3. Suitable for even very hard water supplies - NoScale® can be used on supplies up to 428 mg/l or 25 grains of calcium hardness (95% of water supplies).
  4. Maintenance free with long life and great value - the media should continue to work optimally for 5 years or more, making the cost of ownership very low.
  5. Versatile - NoScale® is suitable for residential and commercial applications and can be used with all types of electrical appliances from water heaters and dishwashers to ice makers and washing machines.
  6. No salt - Unlike traditional softeners, NoScale® does not require regeneration with salt, which will save users hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year, not to mention the hassle of ordering, carrying, and adding heavy bags of salt to their systems on a regular basis.
  7. No wasted water - Unlike traditional softeners, NoScale® does not require backwashing, which can save users thousands of gallons of water per year. As well as the cost saving for those on metered supplies, this water saving combined with the absence of salinated water being flushed into the sewer system has huge environmental benefits.
  8. No power - Unlike traditional softeners or electronic water conditioners, NoScale® does not require electricity.

Finally, NoScale® retains essential minerals that are beneficial to your health and does not add sodium in order to replace lime scale in the water. It is not healthy for humans to consume too much salt and the absence of sodium means that NoScale® is even suitable for those on low sodium diets.

Fill out this quick 10-Step Water Assessment Form to find out if the Radiant Life NoScale® Water Conditioning System is right fror you. 

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