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Keys to Radiant Wellness: Cellular Fitness

by John Marcus

It is no secret that radiant wellbeing ultimately comes down to vitality on a cellular level. However, what is less understood is that even with the best diet our cells can degenerate in their own waste if we fail to revitalize them with movement and breath.

First, imagine an exercise that supports cardiovascular health; tones and strengthens your muscles, joints, bones, and organs (every one of the trillion cells in your body!); oxygenates the blood; and gently detoxifies the cells via the lymph. All this and it energizes, not depletes you! Rebounding on a Cellerciser is one of the greatest examples of appropriate technology we have ever seen. Offering more extraordinary benefits than any other exercise, it’s the ticket to toned muscles, radiant clear skin, bright eyes, shiny hair, and vibrant energy. Supplement your other exercises with rebounding, or do only this and stay in shape! We recommend that whatever form of exercise you choose, find something that is FUN and makes you feel ALIVE. Cellercising is very fun with great dance music.

Second, there is one vital bodily process that underlies all others: our breath. The quality of our breath determines the quality of our muscles’ performance, our energy level, our digestive efficiency, our mental powers, and our resistance to disease.

Unfortunately, it is all too common for people to experience low oxygenation due to shallow chest breathing. The consequences of this are vast – in addition to under-assimilation of nutrients from food, and under-assimilation of oxygen and life force from air, shallow breathing leads to the under-elimination of toxins from our blood.

One way to begin to reverse this all-too-common pattern is to take five minutes a day out of your busy schedule, and relax, breathing slowly and deeply, filling your abdomen first, then the lungs, and reverse, matching the inhale time to exhale time. Learn more by referring to the following article: Our Radiant Breath: The Ultimate Life-Enhancement Tool. Also, breathing fully with awareness when Cellercising turbo-charges your body’s ability to detoxify through the lymph.

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