Importance of Earthing: Are You Electron Deficient?

by Norm LeMoine

Due to of our 21st century lifestyle, most of us spend a majority of our time inside our homes and places of work. For the most part, we work, eat, sleep and generally live our lives indoors. Rarely do we come into direct contact with the earth and as a result we become shielded from the earth and the many therapeutic effects of grounding or what is now commonly known as earthing.

What is Earthing?

Ever notice how great it feels to walk barefoot on the beach or in Barefoot Earthingthe grass? Certainly, we all derive psychological and possibly spiritual benefit from these experiences but have we ever stopped to notice how we feel physically as well?

Earthing involves the natural and beneficial transfer of electrons from the earth’s energy to our bodies resulting in an unending antioxidant supply. This electron transfer is free, automatic and available to all of us. There is one catch… it requires that we come into barefoot contact with the earth.

Since it is not practical to walk the beach or to go barefoot in general during many months of the year, a set of outstanding earthing products have been developed which allow people to earth easily from the comfort and warmth of their own home. Earthing rods, earthing sheets, earthing mats and other earthing devices can be employed to keep us in contact with the earth even while sleeping, working or relaxing regardless of the weather outside or the climate we live in!

Benefits of Earthing: The top 10!

Top 10 benefits we hear most often from people on the importance of earthing technology: 

1.    People report sleeping better on an earthing sheet
2.    Many report less stiffness in their joints when sleeping on an earthing sheet, an earthing half-sheet or in an earthing recovery bag
3.    Reduction in lower back aches
4.    Faster recovery from athletic or other grueling physical events particularly with the earthing recovery bag
5.    Better contact with the earth while sitting in front of a computer through an earthing device such as an earthing pad or earthing mat
6.    People report a reduction or elimination in jet lag
7.    Relief of muscle tension and headaches
8.    Improvement or elimination of the symptoms of many inflammation-related disorders.
9.    Less stress and promotion of calmness 
10.  Protection of the body against potentially health-disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs)


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