Violiv Recommended in Oprah's O! Magazine

by Kathy LeMoine

VioLiv Vitality Glassware... Chosen by O! Magazine
Now featured in their May 2011 issue!

VioLiv Glass is the only enhancing storage technology! Now it is possible to store your light-degradable foods, herbs, water, oils and seeds and have their damaged molecular structure repaired. Whatever you put into these containers comes out better! VioLiv increases vitality and ionic balance in all your stored organic goods. This violet glassware completely blocks the deteriorating effects of visible light, while absorbing the sun's beneficial violet, UV(a) and infrared rays.

 Oprah's Set of Vitality Glassware includes one of each of the following:

  • 2 Liter glass-on-glass Apothecary Jar
  • 1 Liter Round Bottle
  • 500ml Round Bottle  
  • 250ml Square Bottle
  • 500ml Tall Jar
  • 200ml Tall Jar
  • 100ml Tall Jar 
VioLiv glass bottles Oprah's set of vitality glassware

Our remarkable violet glass will soon be discovered by the masses. Get yours and be ahead of the cutting edge.

Special Offer!

New Set featured in O! Magazine includes 7 pieces

Special Price $199.99!

Save over $44 with this limited time offer!

 Read more about Violiv Vitality Glassware in Oprahs' O! Magazine. You will love the way the glassware works to preserve and enhance your most valuable goods while also adding to your decor. Violiv Glassware will enhance your kitchen in many ways!

violiv violive vitality glass cherry tomatoes violiv violive glass light frequency violiv violive vitality glass chives


Discover the many benefits of storing your nutrient-dense foods in this technology of vitality containment!

  1. Prolongs shelf life dramatically
  2. Refreshes diminished aroma in herbs
  3. Vitalizes all ingestible foods
  4. Maintains superior quality in all natural substances
  5. Delays rancidity of oils, nuts and seeds
  6. Retains bioavailability and nutritional value
  7. Reduces carbon footprint through permanent reuse and less reliance on packaging materials 
  8. Supports a non-throwaway lifestyle while providing heirloom quality

You don't have to take our word for it! See the customer testimonial below:

Product Rating: 5 star         

Date Posted: 2011-04-07 10:03:45
I had to test it myself!
Posted By: Ramona
Location: Terrace Bay, ON Canada

Comments: I was skeptical when I read what VioLiv glass is capable of, so I had to test it myself. I bought the 5mL jar and I used some mozzarella cheese as a test. Equal sized pieces in both the VL jar and in a regular clear glass jar. After two weeks, the cheese in the glass jar was fuzzy and badly discoloured. Upon opening the VioLiv jar, I found that the cheese had melted from sunlight exposure, but still smelled and tasted like it was fresh. Incredible product!! :-)

 Check out other sizes available from Radiant Life!



      Violiv Apothecary resized 600 Violiv Tall Jars resized 600 Violiv glassware
      VioLiv Charging Bowl resized 600 VioLiv Round Bottles VioLive Wide Jars resized 600

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