Ultimate Superfoods: Naturally Concentrated Important Nutrients!

by Kathy LeMoine

We are often asked great questions regarding supplementation. These questions include:

1. Why should I take supplements?

Given the depletion of our soils, the prevalence of toxins in our environment, the difficulty in obtaining the best quality foods from unadulterated sources, as well as our modern lifestyles, superfoods and supplements can help to ensure that we are taking in the right balance of all natural vitamins, minerals, and nutrients essential for optimal health.

2. What supplements to take for optimal nutritional health?

Here are our top superfoods and supplement recommendations based on commonly deficient or easily depleted nutrients and antioxidants:
  • Krill Oil for omega 3: This Antarctic Pure Krill Oil beats fish oil in almost every respect. Antarctic pure krill oil is super rich in essential DHA and EPA Omega 3 loaded with far more antioxidant power, has almost 100% bioavailability for better digestion.
  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil for naturally occurring vitamins A and D
  • Vitamin E, rich in gamma tocopherols to aid in the protection and metabolism of delicate EFAs
  • Selenium for optimal utilization of vitamin E. Natural sources include Sea Salt, Brazil Nuts, Maca, Anderson's Mineral Drops and Concentrace, (both Anderson's and Concentrace are sourced from the Great Salt Lake).
  • Liver for Vitamin B-Complex that includes Vitamin B-12. Desiccated Liver is available for those who do not have time to cook liver, or do not wish to taste liver.
  • Vitamin C the most important dietary antioxidant, found in the acerola berry, camu camu fruit, amla berry and blue-green algae.
  • CoQ-Quinol for overall antioxidant potency and free radical protection, particularly for those of us over the age of thirty
  • Evening Primrose Oil- GLA is a powerful nutritional tool to treat inflammation. It is important to use GLA with a balanced amount of a high-quality omega-3s. They act synergistically to provide a potent anti-inflammatory combination.

Superfoods naturally concentrate important nutrients. Unlike dietary supplements or vitamins taken in isolation, superfoods provide many nutrients that support each other and prevent imbalances that often occur when vitamins are synthetically developed in a lab and taken singly.

 3. How long do I need to continue to supplement?

Many people begin taking supplements once they experience illness and begin seeking approaches to return to a condition of wellness. However, the foundation for sustainable radiant wellness is prevention of illness in the first place through maintaining a strong and healthy bodily terrain or immune system. We believe this is achieved through a myriad of lifestyle choices including:

  • a balanced diet of locally grown/raised, organic foods
  • restful and adequate sleep
  • a blend of physical activity
  • supplementing diet with potent, all natural superfoods and supplements
  • avoiding a toxic lifestyle


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Primal Body Primal Mind  Nourishing Traditions Everlasting Health 



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