14 Stage Water Purification: Is YOUR Drinking Water Safe?

by Norm LeMoine

Most of us assume that the quality of the drinking water coming out of our taps must be fine. It's always available and seemingly protected, apparently clean and generally recognized as safe. In reality however, the state of our drinking water is overall quite poor and on the decline. Much of our drinking water is recycled waste water... yes, it is often water that travels through our bodies and out to sewage lines, eventually finding its way through our municipal water treatment system and then back to our homes as drinking water. In other cases, the water comes to us from reservoirs, often completely unfiltered, through 100 year old pipes while being treated with harsh chemicals that remain in the water we drink. Or, in the case of people relying on well water, we have concerns about agricultural and industrial toxic runoff leaching into the water supply as well as high levels of bacteria. These often go undetected until it's too late.

The Top 10 Toxins in Our Drinking Water

Though one can debate the order and possibly come up with a competing list, the following make up our top 10 water toxins. They are all notorious given their ubiquitous nature in today's world, their general acceptance in our society and their insidious effects. Individually, they are nasty... collectively and in combination, they can be devastating.

  1. Fluoride - Known as "the devil's poison", it either enters our water supply as an industrial byproduct or as an additive. Concerns include bone cancer, brittle bones, enzyme inhibition while all the while not helping teeth, the original justification for adding it to drinking water
  2. Chlorine - It creates carcinogenic by-products such as Trihalomethanes while itself acting as a strong oxidizer and free radical
  3. Chloramines - Now being added to most municipal water supplies, it will kill fish while leaching metals into our water. It is very difficult to remove through standard filtration methods
  4. Heavy Metals - The copper pipes within our homes present a risk when exposed to chloramines. Similarly, old pipes and connections containing lead are a real concern
  5. MTBE - Methyl tertiary butyl ether, a carcinogenic gasoline additive, found in groundwater
  6. Pharmaceutical runoff - Drugs like Prozac, Lipitor and others are disposed into the sewage systems and then recycled as treated water but these often prove difficult to remove
  7. Hexavalent Chromium (or Chromium VI) - A common product used in many industries which is highly toxic both in air and water
  8. THMs (Trihalomethanes) - Carcinogenic and a major water pollutant
  9. Rocket Fuel & Fertilizers (atrazine)- Rocket fuel detected in ground water and vegetation is reportedly more carcinogenic than THMs and is a byproduct of chloramines. Fertilizers and herbicides like atrazine are causing widespread contamination
  10. Unknown - the worse kind... the unknown or unnamed threats currently in our water which one day will be identified and acknowledged
pure drinking water

    Purification Perfection - 14 Stage Purifier

    These top 10 toxins are no match for our 14 Stage Purifier. This system completely eliminates all of these as well as all other contaminants including bacteria, viruses, cysts, and heavy metals. You name it, it removes it! With three purifiers and seven total physical purification components, the 14 Stage Purifier is absolutely unmatched in purification power, offering 99.999% purification when new, and at least 99.8% over time. We provide a test meter so you can test your water regularly to ensure that the system is working optimally. The 14 Stage Purifier's restructuring components add the important finishing touches, ensuring that the water is hydrating, remineralized and alkaline in nature.

    You deserve true peace of mind knowing that the water you and your family drink is totally pure. Don't fear the headlines again!

    Check out our special 14 Stage Purifier now!

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