14 Stage Purifier - Why not an Ionizer?

by Norm LeMoine

Considering a Water Ionizer? Water Ionizers Have Been Obsolete Since 1997 (But Evidently No One’s Told the ionizer Salespeople!)

Water ionizers have been sold in the US from Japan for well over a decade. They first became popular in the 1990's because they offered a way to produce alkaline water in one’s own home. However, as the years have passed it has become clear that beneath the hype there are serious drawbacks to home water ionizers. Additionally, the main reason to buy an ionizer is to alkalize water, but in 1997 new advances were made which enabled the production of alkaline water thousands of times more potent and effective than ionizers. Why haven’t you heard about this? - The answer is that ionizer companies are making lots of money – why should they say anything?pure water resized 600


The first reason to avoid ionizers is simple - they don’t purify your water. Many people lose sight of this fact with all the talk of alkalinity and electrons and the thought of making “super-water” at home. Nearly all ionizers contain a mere carbon filter before putting water through the ionization process. The problem with this is that carbon filters will not remove fluoride, chloramines, metals, and many other toxins. The irony is that if ionizers actually did purify your water using proven purification methods like reverse osmosis and/or deionization, they would not be able to produce alkaline water at all! The reason for this is that it is the “stuff” (minerals and everything else) in the water that gets separated into its alkaline and acid components. Alkalizing truly pure water with an ionizer is impossible. Thus the goals of purification and alkalization with these units are actually mutually exclusive.

Alkaline Potency

The inability of these units to purify your water should pretty much seal the deal against ionizers; however there are other reasons to avoid them. Consider that unbeknownst to most people in the water field, including scientists; the pH of water is actually not as important as its buffering capacity. Amazingly, water with a pH of 9.5 produced by an ionizer can have much less of an effect on your body’s pH than water with a pH of 8.5 produced in other ways.

The difference in buffering capacity is the reason that all ionizers became obsolete in 1997. That year a high-electron antioxidant nutritional product was released which was able to do what no product had done before or since:  create a powerful alkaline effect that rapidly and extensively shifts your body’s own pH.  It also lowers surface tension to increase the assimilability of the water you drink; and energizes water with electrons (antioxidants) in a very measurable way.  The bottom line is that you can achieve the results in a few days that would take you months or years to achieve with an ionizer (if ever)!

Electron Potency

Adding and measuring electrons in water has become much more common today. Most tap water is oxidized and dead in an electron sense, but springs in nature most revered for their rejuvenative effects have measurable amounts of electrons, and that is part of their restorative secret. Tap water might measure at 300+mV, and the most energized waters in nature might reach -200mV. This is also the typical range of ionizers: -200 to -400mV max. Powerful new antioxidants will instantly increase water’s electron content to -800mV or greater!  This scale is logarithmic so we are talking anywhere from a hundred thousand to millions of times more electrons than produced by ionizers!


Don’t waste your time with ionizers. Get a water purification system that actually purifies your water and keeps it purified even when it is not brand new (not easy to do). Our 14 Stage Purifier is a unique triple-purifying and restructuring drinking water system that completely purifies your water physically, chemically and energetically, while restructuring, remineralizing, and alkalizing as well. You will then be drinking truly pure water that really can support your health and wellbeing in significant ways.

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