Capra Mineral Whey...Naturally the Best Potassium Supplement!

by Kathy LeMoine

According to Dr. Bernard Jensen, famed nutritionist, "The best natural mineral supplement I know is Capra Mineral Whey." Bio-organic (food based) minerals far exceed excavated (mined) minerals in terms of bioavailability. Capra Mineral Whey naturally contains over 20 different minerals and electrolytes. As seen in the table below, potassium is well represented:

Minerals Found in Capra Mineral Whey

Capra Mineral Whey Table


Capra Mineral Whey

Benefits of Potassium

Why care about getting enough Potassium? It is a key mineral necessary to ensure that our body functions optimally.  Potassium is involved in a multitude of systemic roles including cellular and electrical function, as well as regulating our body's acid-base balance and water hydration levels.

Although this nutrient can be found in a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, potassium deficiencies are unfortunately very prevalent. The Standard American Diet (SAD) does not accomodate for proper potassium intake, as it oftentimes consists of overconsumption of highly processed foods containing low amounts of potassium and high amounts of sodium in the form of sodium chloride. 

Symptoms of Potassium Deficiency

  • fatigue
  • depression
  • high blood pressure
  • muscle weakness

Capra Mineral Whey is an excellent source of potassium! It contains over 1000 mg in each serving. Full of alkalizing minerals and electrolytes, it is soothing to your digestive tract. Uniquely processed using Refractance Window Drying at low temperatures, the goat milk whey retains its nutritional integrity. No harsh processing steps or methods are used, preserving its original composition. Free of additives and comprised of only the best ingredients found in nature, including many trace elements that are vital to optimal health.

Mt. Capra goats freely graze on open pastureland in Centralia, WA. They are fed foods that are free of pesticides, herbicides and growth hormones. They are not treated with antibiotics.

Balancing your mineral needs has never been easier or tastier! What's your favorite way to enjoy Capra Mineral Whey? In a smoothie, mixed with water or juice, or sprinkled on foods?

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