Whole House Water Filtration - Top Reasons to Act Now!

by Norm LeMoine

Our water quality is being severely impacted with each passinFiltered Waterg day whether we know it or not. Contaminants from a myriad of sources continue to ooze into our water at an alarming rate either by accident, incident, or intentional chemical treatment. Recent events in Japan have raised additional concerns about the safety of our water supply.

Why Whole House Water Treatment?

  1. Chlorine - A free radical that can damage our hair, skin, and lungs when we bathe or shower.  A whole house carbon system removes chlorine very effectively for your whole house needs.
  2. Chloramines - Now being added to nearly all municipal water districts, they are formed by the combination of chlorine and ammonia.  Chloramines are nasty chemicals which are much harsher than chlorine alone.  Chloramines are so strong, in fact, that they tend to dissolve the inside of your pipes and fixtures, not only damaging them, but damaging your body when you come into contact with it.  Recent laboratory studies suggest that animals given water with chloramines delivered through copper pipes develop Alzheimer’s symptoms, presumably due to the elevated metal content of the water.  Chloramines are harder than chlorine to remove, but can be achieved with our special mixed carbon system.
  3. Fluoride - Many communities receive pretreated, fluoridated water to their homes. Fluoride, known as "The Devils Poison", has been shown to be less than effective in preventing tooth decay while possibly contributing to a whole host of health concerns. Safe and effective removal of fluoride can be achieved with the right whole house system.
  4. High Minerals - Results in hard water and can cause problems for homeowners as it tends to plaque up plumbing, is hard on water purifiers, is not healthy to drink, and in the washing machine it can wear out your clothes much more quickly.  A whole house water conditioner in combination with a filtration system is a great investment in your home, in your health, for your drinking water system, and for your wardrobe!
  5. Convenience - Eliminate the need to have individual point of use products such as shower filters, bath filters, and garden filters by attacking the problem as it enters your home.
  6. First Line of Defense - If you already have or are considering a drinking water purification system such as our 14 Stage Purifier, a whole house filter acts as a first line of defense to both ease the burden on the drinking water purifier while extending the filter life within the purifier.
  7. Wells - Regardless of your water source, chemically treated city water or an individual well, water can be effectively transformed within your home. Well owners may not concern themselves with having to remove fluoride, chlorine, chloramines and the toxic byproducts of these additives. However, many well owners look potentially at other issues such as bacteria and other microorganisms, arsenic, excessive iron, hydrogen sulfide (the rotten egg smell!) extreme hardness, fertilizer runoff and general industrial pollution. Special whole house systems are available to address any and all of these concerns.
  8. Unfiltered Water - In many major municipalities, water is piped in, chemically treated and sent to homes completely unfiltered! In other cases, water sent to our homes is chemically-treated raw sewage. Either way, is this the quality of water you and your family should be using for the purposes of drinking, cooking and bathing?

whole house water filtration

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