Desiccated Liver - Nature's Most Nutrient-Dense Food!

by Kathy LeMoine

You know that liver has been valued by traditional peoples, that is it considered a sacred food and that you and your family should be eating it at least once each week... but are you? Finally, a superior liver in a form that you will absolutely love and at a price that most can afford... Radiant Life Desiccated Liver!

Now you can easily assure that you and all your family members are consuming adequate levels of vitamin B12, vitamin B6, folic acid, iron and copper. Get all these, the highest source of Vitamin A, and other essential nutrients from this great whole food source. A convenient way to obtain all the legendary health and nutritional benefits of liver without the inconvenience. If you prefer, the capsules can be easily opened and the liver added to soups, stews, smoothies, gravies or whatever you and your family enjoy. Or consider the powder and save!

Ten Top Reasons to Consider Desiccated Liver!

  • An excellent source of high-quality protein
  • Nature's most concentrated source of vitamin A
  • All the B vitamins in abundance, particularly vitamin B12
  • One of our best sources of natural folate
  • A highly usable form of iron
  • Trace elements such as copper, zinc and chromium; liver is our best source of copper
  • CoQ10, a nutrient that is especially important for cardio-vascular function
  • A good source of purines, nitrogen-containing compounds that serve as precursors for DNA and RNA
  • Highly convenient at a great price
  • desiccated liver contains more nutrients, gram for gram, than any other food!

Benefit from the quality that you expect from Radiant Life. Our liver comes from fresh, hormone-free, grass-fed, pastured Argentine cattle carefully processed to preserve all the fragile nutritional elements.

Highly recommended by Sally Fallon as a staple to everyone's diet!

Desiccated Liver Dessicated Liver

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