Fermented Cod Liver Oil: What's All the Fuss about Vitamins?

by Norm LeMoine

For many of you, fermented cod liver oil has become a daily staple of life. We know this from our conversations with you and from the demand we experience for these very special oils. Whether it is its inclusion within our Nourishing Traditions Homemade Baby Formula, taken in capsule form, teamed with butter oil, flavor-enhanced or enjoyed the old fashioned way in its unflavored variety directly off the spoon, this precious and nutritious food has found a place in the lives of a vast number of health conscious people.

Vitamin A and Vitamin D - The Dynamic Duo!

We all appreciate at this point the nutrient density of foods like liver, be they from beef, chicken or cod. One of the reasons we hdesiccated liverave adopted Desiccated Liver as an essential food at Radiant Life has to do with beef liver being nature's most nutrient dense food. It is the most concentrated food source of vitamin A, balanced with all the B vitamins in abundance, particularly vitamin B12, as well as a wealth of other nutrients.

Similarly, natural cod liver oil has a long and storied history in supplying a broad spectrum of nutrients including a very high level of vitamin A and vitamin D. Though these levels are measureable and testing is performed regularly, the test results for these vitamins within cod liver oil will indeed vary from lot to lot. Among the factors that can influence the test results include: the season the cod are fished, the natural feeding cycles of the fish, type of cod available, mix of cod species, etc. 

Because of this variability, Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil and related products such as Butter Oil Cod Liver Oil Blend, and Skate Liver Oil, will no longer be reporting specific vitamin levels on their labels. We wholeheartedly support this position. As a whole food, we should be comforted to know that we are taking in the best, cleanest and least processed cod liver oil in the world. Enough tests have been done to satisfy us at Radiant Life that the naturally occurring vitamin levels far exceed those of all other industrially processed cod liver oil products while the ratio of vitamins naturally remain well within the preferred 10:1 ratio of A to D. This is all good news! So rather than waste time and money on relabeling each batch to report on different results, let's all just enjoy the product for what it is... an old fashioned, hand-crafted, naturally fermented cod liver oil with all of its nutrients intact.   

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