Secrets of Radiant Living Revealed!

by Norm LeMoine

What are the common threads that make for a life worth living?  Some people might conclude that key on this list of the essentials include:   

Love and respect

  • Living a purposeful life
  • Seeking the Truth 
  • Giving of oneself
  • Loving and respecting other people
  • Valuing, cherishing and caring for the natural resources bestowed on us such as clean air, pure water and fertile soil
  • Listening well and being understanding of others

These are all nice thoughts and there are likely many others one could add to the list. However, if we are battling illness, fatigue, obesity, stress, addiction, malnutrition, etc., it can become difficult to maintain a balanced perspective on life. We can all achieve greater things when we feel good, have sharp minds and maintain a healthy, positive outlook and attitude. How do we accomplish this? How do we attain and fully express our genetic potential? What are some of the ways to ensure a high quality of mental alertness, physical prowess and spiritual awareness?

We have been asking ourselves these questions throughout our lives. We continue on the journey of trying to acquire, apply and share the keys for a radiant life with the understanding of course that we are all unique in our own right. We have asked a trusted friend, professional colleague and eloquent writer/researcher, Joseph Marcello, to convey his thoughts about this topic as well. Joseph is in the process of writing a book about this very subject and has graciously agreed to share with us a sneak preview in the form of the first six chapters of the "Secrets of Radiant Living".

download secrets of radiant living

You will learn that...
  1. Just below us lies by far the most potent, enduring and available healer the world has yet known.    
  2. All roads to illness seem to be pointing to this single phenomenon.
  3. This ever-present health and healing tool is unceasingly ours for the taking.
  4. This fun and simple activity may be the closest thing to the fountain of youth that science has found.  
  5. We have the power to cleanse and immunize ourselves from disease.  
  6. Simple metabolic rest may be the single greatest natural rejuvenation therapy.  

We encourage you to download the information and gain insight from this deep thinker who shares with us his thoughts, experiences and discoveries that promise to help us all achieve the radiance we all seek. Please remember that this is not a finished product. As additional material become available, we will share with you.

We would love to hear from you and gain your perspective and feedback.

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