Tips for Healthy Skin: How to transform your skin in 90 days or less!

by Kathy LeMoine

superfoods for skinHealthy skin starts from the inside out

Beautiful skin is clearly an inside job. To effectively fight premature aging, blemishes, dark circles, blotchiness, inflammation and a loss of your skin's natural glow, it's imperative that you adopt an "inside out approach". Good nutrition is at the core of healthy skin. Learn how a healthy diet and a healthy digestive system work in tandem.

Radiant skin begins with a healthy digestive system

It takes guts to be beautiful! There is a saying that all disease begins in the gut and this applies to our skin as well. A healthy gut is the foundation for any treatment program. Stressful lifestyles, side effects of various medications, as well as toxins in our drinking water and food supply all contribute to poor gut function and a weakened immune system. These factors contribute to chronic degenerative  diseases that destroy the essential friendly flora necessary for a healthy digestive tract. The population of bacteria in our GI tract governs the overall health and appearance of our skin.

You are what you eat!

Eating sugary and starchy foods shows up on our skin in a myriad of ways that may include blemishes, dark circles, puffiness, loss of tone and a general loss of radiance. These foods can also exacerbate acne, which is a systemic, inflammatory disease. Sugar can rob us of our physical health as well as our skin's beauty.

Nutritional Approach for Healthy Skin

These are some of the best ways to get your gut working properly:

Take back control of your health and your good looks!

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