Drinking Water Testing - Know What's in Your Water!

by Norm LeMoine

We all have a right to know exactly what's in our water! Whether you rely on municipal treated water or tap directly into your own private well or stream, your water is under constant threat from the contaminated world we live in. Eliminate the guesswork and have true peace of mind knowing precisely what is in the water you and your family drink, cook with and bathe in. We are making it as easy as possible so you know for sure. Simply follow the steps below and get a comprehensive view into your water. It may turn out that the test costs you nothing!

Get your water tested on us!watertest

  1. Purchase the water test kit that is right for you (testing materials will be shipped to you)
  2. Collect water samples per the instructions and send to National Testing Labs (NTL) for analysis
  3. Receive test results from NTL via both mail and email within 2 weeks
  4. Call Radiant Life at 888-593-9595, x3, for a no cost, no obligation interpretation of your water test results and a proposed set of recommendations that optimize the quality of your water
  5. *Purchase any of our Whole House Systems or our 14-Stage Drinking Water Purifying System and you will receive a credit for the cost of your water test up to $150

This is a professional, independent and highly accurate water test

Get a comprehensive analysis of your water. Our Watercheck Basic kit alone tests for 19 heavy metals, 6 inorganic compounds and 5 physical factors. If you rely on well or spring water, our Well-Check extends the testing even further to include 4 trihalomethanes, 47 volatile organic chemicals and 20 pesticides, herbicides and PCBs. For those of you on municipal water supplies where the water has been treated with disinfectants or other additives, our City-Check covers 16 disinfectants, and disinfection by-products including chlorine, chloramines, trihalomethanes, haloacetic acids as well as fluoride.
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