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Magnesium Bath flakes

by Kathy LeMoine

5 Great Reasons For Parents to Swap Bubbles for Bath Flakes

For most parents, bath time accomplishes the functional task ofiStock 000016795244XSmall 1 cleaning your child while at the same time providing aquatic fun and entertainment. But what if it provided something much more valuable as well? Bath time is no longer just for hygiene and frivolous fun, it's now a fabulously easy way to get a vital nutrient into your child.

Here are 5 compelling reasons to toss the bubbles and add Magnesium Bath Flakes to your child's bath water instead:

1. Every parent wants their child to be a diligent student - pay attention in school, get good grades, and overall just be “smart”, right? So, what if someone told you that the nutrients you provide play a strong role in your child’s intellectual growth and intelligence? Studies show that mineral supplementation - with an emphasis on magnesium - in juveniles produces significantly increased I.Q. as well as a reduction in brain wave abnormalities.

2. Magnesium offers a protective effect on neurons in the developing brain. This vital mineral is required to build a healthy myelin sheath, which both insulates nerve fibers throughout the body as well as provides a “road map” of sorts should the nerve be damaged and need repair. Not only is this important because children both play hard and fall hard, but also because childhood is the foundation adulthood is built on, and protective measures taken now could prevent nerve disorders from occurring later on in life.

3. What’s in your parenting medicine cabinet when allergy season rolls around? Or when your pediatrician declares your child an asthmatic? Well, if you're like us in your reluctance to expose your child to unnecessary amounts of pharmaceuticals, magnesium is a must try! Research shows that not only does magnesium decrease asthmatic episodes but it also decreases sensitivity to antigens. Meaning – by supplementing with magnesium, mild cases of both asthma and allergies were either abolished or decreased to negligible levels and, in more severe cases, the use of prescribed treatments for asthma and allergies were significantly decreased in frequency.

4. Moodiness, tantrums, depression, aggression... every parent has dealt with a wide spectrum of emotions and behavior, since it seems to come with the territory. Most resources provide tips and tricks on how to cope, discipline, and ultimately overcome these trials and tribulations, but on a psychological level. On a biological level, magnesium has powerful anti-depressant and anti-aggressive properties, as well as being a natural mood lifter. On a related note, studies have found that magnesium also significantly decreases hyperactivity in children found to have ADHD.

5. The aches and pains endured as children grow can cause many a sleepless night, causing parents to fret over how to ease the hurt. Nocturnal leg cramps are a relatively common occurrence amongst certain age groups, caused by any number of things including over-exertion, electrolyte imbalance, rapid growth and dehydration.

*Please note: When using magnesium bath flakes, do not add bubble bath at the same time (just in case you were tempted). The magnesium is very adept at counteracting foaming agents, and you will do nothing more than create the equivalent of floating soap scum.
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