The End of High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil? - Sounded fishy to us!

by Norm LeMoine

fermented cod liver oil capsules

The end of an era

Anticipating the end of high vitamin cod liver oil from Premier Research Labs, a precious oil that we had been providing to our customers for over 10 years, we began a worldwide search to find a suitable replacement over two years ago. 

This search got us in contact with many of the major mills and industry experts throughout both Norway and Iceland (the 2 major cod liver oil producing countries) and elsewhere. What we found is the consistent but disappointing reality that things have indeed changed. Cod liver oil has become big business with 21st century refinement and processing of the oil to such an extent that it is rendered in our estimation essentially impotent, requiring the addition of vitamins back into the oil. Yes, some of these vitamins may indeed be derived from natural sources. And yes, it is possible a tiny amount of vitamins may be retained in the oil. However, there is no escaping the fact that what we now have is a different product. Sure, it looks clean, smells okay and may test free of heavy metals, but it is not high vitamin and it is not all natural. The two descriptions, high vitamin and all natural, are mutually exclusive when it comes to cod liver oil today.

Where did all the good cod liver oil go? Why can't we get it anymore?

The fact is, it is simply not economically in the best interest of the large cod liver oil mills to produce the oil the old fashioned way. Small batch production is simply too expensive for these operations. Coupled with industry and government pressure to ensure a product free from PCBs, mercury and other contaminants, it became easier to produce a heavily processed oil in large volumes that they mastered and do very efficiently.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil to the Rescue!

Fortunately, a high vitamin cod liver oil remains in our midst. We at Radiant Life still offer and cherish the one cod liver oil that is a throw back to ancient times: Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil! Produced here in the US, it is fermented for easy digestion while containing high levels of vitamin A and D along with a host of other all natural nutrients. Rather than a laboratory or industrialized formulation, this is and should be viewed first and foremost as a food source. Made in small batches via a proprietary process, this oil retains all of its original goodness while being regularly and independently tested for purity.

Available in an assortment of flavors and blends as well as in liquid and capsule form, we can all share in this wonderful bounty of goodness the way our ancestors did throughout the centuries.

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