The Importance of Pure, Remineralized Water

by Norm LeMoine

Water is known as the universal solvent. It dissolves just about anything, including bones and tissue. The more pure water is, the more is will dissolve. That is why distilled water, without any minerals, is hungry, very aggressive water that should not be consumed. Drinking pure water, without it being remineralized, leaches the minerals out of your body. It it bad for adults and catastrophic for growing children!

The best water for your body is mineral water from pure sources. Consider the water that is available to the world's longevity hot spots:

  • The Okinawans drink calcium-rich local water, which helps prevent osteoporosis and keeps the body alkaline
  • The Hunzas have irrigation channels cutting through rock faces to bring mineral-dense water from melting glaciers down to their valley
  • The Campodimelani drink water from Mount Faggeta, known for being rich in minerals
  • Bama villagers get their water from the Panyang River, found to be high in manganese and zinc

The inorganic minerals in these waters are converted by our bodies to their organic, absorbable form. If you are detoxifying or fasting, drinking low surface tension mineral water is helpful, as it enables your body to carry nutrients to and toxins from cells efficiently.

Consider these facts about water

Did you know that water...?pure remineralized water

  1. Comprises about 70% of your body and up to 80% for an infant.
  2. Is considered one of four macronutrients along with fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
  3. Is essential to life even more so than the other nutrients we get from our food every day.
  4. Represents the single most abundant substance on the planet though only a very small percentage is actually drinkable. For every gallon of water on the planet, only 1/2 cup is fresh and of this, less than 1 drop flows freely in our lakes, rivers and streams.
  5. Has very unique properties including its expansion when frozen and contraction when heated.
  6. Though essential to life, is considered toxic when too much is consumed as it can leech important minerals from our bodies. Remember that the 8 cups of water per day guideline includes water from all sources including the foods we eat.
  7. Is referred to as the universal solvent given its ability to dissolve almost anything over time.
  8. Has a very high surface tension allowing it to "stick" to itself as shown in the typical depiction of a water droplet in teardrop form. Pure  mineralized water has been shown to have reduced surface tension for improved hydration.
  9. When frozen, it actually becomes less dense in the form of ice, allowing it to float on water.
  10. In particular, pure remineralized water, can be a natural remedy for dehydration, a major contributor to pain and disease particularly for the elderly. 

Slowly drink and savor a glass of pure, mineralized water and re-hydrate your cells whenever you are feeling not quite yourself. You'll be amazed by its restorative powers!14-Stage Water Purifier

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