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High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil Capsules

by Kathy LeMoine

Quantum High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil is back! At least for a while. Radiant Life has recently obtained a limited supply of the last batch of this wonderful oil in capsule form... an oil consistently recommended in the Best Category of The Weston A. Price Foundation Shopping Guide.cod liver oil capsules

We announced earlier this year that this particular oil was going away, that it will no longer be produced. This statement was indeed factual at the time. However, we were pleasantly surprised to be able to secure the final allotment of this oil in capsules form. 

The timing couldn't be any better than at this point in the calendar with reduced sunshine and the cold, wintry months breathing down our necks. No time like the present to stock up on a great, all-natural, vitamin D source!

Don't miss out on the benefits of high vitamin cod liver oil because you don't like the taste. Cod liver oil capsules are the perfect solution! High vitamin cod liver oil provides fat-soluble vitamins A and D, is rich in EPA and DHA and is also a source of vitamin E.

Cod Liver Oil Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does your cod liver oil have all natural vitamins A, D and E? Are there any synthetic vitamins?
A. The vitamins in quantum cod liver oil are all naturally occurring. It is uncommon in the industry but our sources are one of the few remaining that maintain these natural standards. There are no synthetic vitamins added. Read The Fourfold Path To Healing and learn about the benefits of cod liver oil.

Q. Can I get too much vitamin D?

A. If you take cod liver oil in recommended amounts and eat a normal diet and have no liver problems, you shouldn't get too much vitamin D.

Q. Should I stop taking cod liver oil in the summer?

A. You can consider cutting down on cod liver oil during the summer months if you get out in the sun with few clothes on and no sunscreen during the middle of the day on a daily basis for 20 minutes or more. In other times of year in the US, the UV-B rays are diminished so vitamin D production happens much less robustly.

Q. Will I like the taste of cod liver oil?

A. For those who prefer avoiding the taste, we offer cod liver oil in capsules.

Q. Is the cod liver oil heated in processing? Are any solvents used?

A. In general, cod liver oils are heated during the process of extracting the oil from the fish liver. We do not consider this a raw food but it is processed as little as possible, with no solvents used in its production.

Q. Is it pure?

A. Yes. This quantum-state, concentrated, pure and US Pharmaceutical grade cod liver oil from Norway is the best quality in the world.

Q. Why choose capsules over liquid?

A. The capsules add convenience. There is no measuring required. Capsules also shield the fish oil taste and texture for those who prefer to take their cod liver oil in a non-liquid form.

Q. Is it "high vitamin cod liver oil?"

A. Yes. This oil comes from a certain species of cod fished during the seasons when the nutrients are at optimal density resulting in a nutrient content that is 2-5x greater density than other brands while maintaining the recommended ratio of Vitamin A to D.

Q. What is the expiration date for Quantum Cod Liver Oil?

A. Premier Quantum Cod Liver Oil is recommended to be consumed within two years from the date it was bottled. The bottling date can be found below the barcode. It is the first six digits before the hyphen, and it reads: year, month, day. So if the numbers read: 110129, the bottling date is: January 29, 2011.

Q. Will this all natural cod liver oil continue to be offered?

A. Radiant Life will continue to offer Quantum Cod Liver Oil Capsules as long as the supply is available. We will never provide cod liver oil with synthetically produced vitamins.

Q. Why do you carry different cod liver oils? What's the difference between fermented and non-fermented?

A. Both of our cod liver oils (Quantum and Fermented) are high vitamin with naturally occurring Vitamins A and D. The Weston A. Price Foundation has  endorsed both products. The vitamin potency of the Quantum is in fact higher and has a Vitamin A to Vitamin D ratio of 10:1. The Fermented has a Vitamin A to Vitamin D ratio of about 5:1. Some people prefer the digestive benefits of fermented products. Others value the lower price point of the Quantum. Quantum cod liver oil is 38 cents per serving while the cost of Fermented cod liver oil is 50 cents per serving.

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