Clean Drinking Water: Why Bottled Water is Not the Answer!

by Norm LeMoine

bottled waterOften times we are asked about the reasons why bottled water is an inferior option to an excellent kitchen water purifier. The reasons are many...

  • Bottled water is expensive to buy
  • It produces a lot of plastic waste
  • The carbon footprint of transporting those bottles of water is both expensive and often times inconvenient
  • Bottled water also is not necessarily pure!

Recently, a study in the Archives of Family Medicine documented that in the city of Cleveland, 15 of 57 bottled water samples showed bacterial counts 100% or higher than in Cleveland's tap water. Similar studies conducted in Canada showed bottled water with higher than recommended levels of lead, chloride and dissolved solids.

A Better Clean Drinking Water Alternative

Installing a superior water purifier in your home offers a much greener, more effective as well as a less costly way of drinking great quality water. However, many systems on the market not only require frequent replacement of plastic cartridges/housings, which can itself generate a considerable amount of plastic waste but they also do not purify the water; they only partially filter it.

There is a better way. By combining multiple filtration, purification, sterilization, restructuring and remineralization steps into a single system, one can attain absolutely pure and balanced water in the home, the way nature intended it.

Have better than bottled water quality on tap in the convenience of your home 24 hours a day!

Whether you rely on municipal water or have your own private well or stream, a great drinking water purification system is essential in every home. It will help to both save you money and save the planet while providing you unmatched, 100% clean drinking water.

Have your water be pure of everything, all the time. This is true peace of mind!

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