Chlorine Shower Filter: a Healthier, More Enjoyable Shower!

by Norm LeMoine

Get a Filter or Be the Filter!

You deserve healthier water in every aspect of your daily life including your shower!Chlorine Shower Filter

Did you know that by putting your fingers for 15 seconds into an ordinary glass of municipal tap water you absorb over 80 percent of the chlorine into your body? Imagine how much chlorine you absorb in a 10 minute shower! What's more, chlorine is not only absorbed by your skin, but inhaled from the steam and spray, where it goes directly into your bloodstream.

Chlorine creates dry hair, flaky skin, accelerated aging from free radical damage, reduced oxygen transport in lungs, and destruction of vitamins in the body. If you have chlorinated water and want to be healthy, a shower filter is a must.  

What are the qualities of a great shower filter?

A 10 minutes shower with a non low-flow shower head can use upwards of 80 gallons of water and generate up to 4 pounds of CO2, not to mention the cost of the energy to heat the water. By installing a low flow showerhead and cutting your shower time to 5 minutes, you can reduce your water usages and CO2 emitted by 70-80%.


  • Converts Chlorine into a harmless soluble chloride.
  • Crystalline quartz for energy enhanced shower “feel” and better lathering.
  • High quality name-brand shower heads come standard. We feature Whedon fixed-action shower heads and Shower Pro massage heads. No head models are also available.
  • Works wonderfully with hand-held shower kits.
  • Polyester filter element enhances cartridge performance through sediment removal.
  • Quick and easy to install - Installs in minutes - no special tools or professional help required.
  • Easy to replace filter cartridges lasting at least 6 months. It just takes seconds to assure continual chlorine removal.
  • Combo Brochure Available with CQ-1000 & Crystal Ball for the Bath
  • Removes 90% or more of free chlorine
  • Great for those with Chlorine sensitivity


Because of this superior chlorine removal, you will see changes in the way your hair and skin feel including…
  • healthier, younger looking skin
  • softer, more manageable hair
  • relief from dry skin & scalp
  • less fading in color-treated hair

To enjoy softer hair, younger-looking skin, and angst-free showers, breathe easy again with the Rainshow'r CQ-1000! Rated for 15,000 to 20,000 gallons, it takes out 90+% of chlorine in your water, and should last a family of four about a year, depending on the condition of your water.

rainshow r shower headIt is well documented that the levels of chlorine in tap water present numerous health challenges. Devices such as drinking water filtration systems, shower filters, bath filters, and related products provide cost effective solutions to water quality improvement and enjoyment at specified locations of your home.

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