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How Do You Picture Pure Water?

by Tom DiGiuseppe, Ph.D.

Mountain Spring Water. Reading those words and immediately we think of clean, healthy, vibrant and life-giving pure water. Crystal clear water flowing from the highest mountain peaks filling our streams, rivers and lakes with healthy water, full of key nutrients and perfectly pH balanced to hydrate our bodies. Natural spring water, the way nature intended. If only all of us could find a local source of clean, natural spring water for our daily water needs.


The good news is that the very sources of our drinking water includes these local streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, springs and deep wells. As water travels through the earth, it dissolves naturally occurring minerals creating, vibrant, healthy water, but unfortunately along the way our pure water also becomes contaminated. Toxins from agricultural run-off, industrial processes, and landfill waste, along with cleaning products, solvents, pharmaceuticals and other drugs poured down our drains every day, all enter our water supplies. Municipalities then treat our water supplies with chlorine to make it safer to drink, but end up creating disinfection by-products which are known carcinogens! An astonishing 2,100 chemical compounds have been found present in U.S. drinking water, with even more lingering in our rivers, lakes and oceans. The EPA has established enforceable safety standards for only 87 of these identified compounds – that’s less than 5%!

How pure is your water?

At Radiant Life, we strive to help people live healthy lives and avoid the contaminants and toxins that are increasingly common in our water supplies. Our water filtration and purification systems are designed to remove the widest range of contaminants including:

  • Chlorine, chloramines and disinfection by-products including trihalomethanes (THM) and haloacetic acids (HAA)
  • Fluoride, arsenic, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, and other heavy metals
  • Herbicides and pesticides
  • Industrial solvents, cleaning chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
  • Nitrates and nitrites
  • Pharmaceuticals and other drugs
  • Bacteria, cysts, viruses

To better understand what is in the water you use daily, we recommend doing a home water test. This can be done by ordering a do-it-yourself water test kit that helps analyze what is in the water coming out of your faucets. This way you will better understand exactly what needs to be removed to bring your water back to a state of natural purity. If you have specific questions, we are happy to help with this process – simply see the contact information below!

What is the best way to eliminate or reduce contaminants found in our municipal water supplies?

After much research, we at Radiant Life believe that generally the ideal solution for one's home is the combination of  state-of-the-art Whole House Water Filtration Systems at the point-of-entry (i.e. basement, garage, water closet) and our 14-Stage Biocompatible Water Purification System at the point-of-use (generally in the kitchen cabinet). Our whole house water filtration systems are all outstanding systems featuring a long filter life (7+ years), requiring no regular maintenance, and can address chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, trihalomethanes, haloacetic acids, and heavy metals among other contaminants before they enter your home’s plumbing while retaining essential minerals. To attain the best water possible, specifically for your kitchen drinking water, we would recommend our top of the line 14-Stage Biocompatible Water Purification System with triple purification.  This system will completely purify your drinking water and restructure, remineralize and alkaline rebalance it. Between these two systems, your water can become the crystal clear, mountain spring-like water it should be.

Please call our Water Division at (888) 593-9595 Option # 3 with any questions you may have and allow us to assist you in selecting the optimal system for you and your family to enjoy safe clean water for all your daily needs.

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