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How I Shocked My Dentist

by Kelsey Grossmann

I have yet to meet an individual who enjoys going to the dentist. If you are that person, then bravo, because when I hear the words “the dentist” I have a tendency to cringe. I dread it. There is something about that place that makes me want to run for the hills. Despite the soothing wall colors, decor, and friendly staff, I am terrified of a simple cleaning. However, this year was slightly different, as when my appointment came around I had a little secret up my sleeve and was actually rather intrigued to see if it would help. 

How I Shocked My Dentist | Radiant Life Blog

The secret? Oil pulling!

I started oil pulling as soon as I booked my routine appointment a couple of months ago. I was willing to try just about anything to have that cleaning go as smoothly and quickly as possible. I had previously read about oil pulling and heard only good things so I thought I would give it shot. Plus I love coconut oil!

For those of you who don't know, oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice of oral cleansing that involves swishing oil around in the mouth and spitting it out. Now I have to admit, the process was a little odd at first and took a little getting used to. But after the first week or so, I did it in the morning while getting ready and hardly thought twice about it. My teeth felt so clean afterwards that I actually found myself looking forward to my dentist appointment. What was wrong with me?!? Oil pulling was making me optimistic about visiting the dentist's office? This was unheard of in my book. 

The day of my appointment I still had butterflies and was a bit nervous…okay a lot nervous! But I was feeling pretty good about my teeth and my recent oil pulling habit. The result: I was in and out of there in twenty-five minutes and the dental hygienist commented on how clean my teeth were. I told her that I had started oil pulling recently and she was thrilled to hear it, as she had never met anyone who had tried it. I walked out of that dentist's office feeling like a million bucks. I think it is safe to say that I will continue oil pulling!

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