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The Many Wonders of Grounding

by Andie Dill

Fall is here! Maybe you live in a place where the weather has cooled, leaves are changing colors, scarves and boots are starting to appear, and a hot drink to end a cool, crisp evening sounds lovely! On the other hand, if you live in a place like southern California, like I do, it is still beach weather, and sandal time!

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One of the things I love about living on the Coast of south Orange County is that nearly all year around the weather permits outdoor adventure. One of my favorite things to do is “grounding”. Have you heard of it?

Imagine this…you’re riding your bike down to the beach, just in time to catch the sunset. When you arrive, you ditch the bike and bury your toes in the warm sand that has been heated all day by the beaming sun rays. It feels so great to connect with nature and step foot on our planet! If all of those reasons are not enough to get your feet on the ground, let me tell you more about the many wonderful health benefits of grounding.

Technically speaking, grounding is the activity of being in direct contact with the electrical charge of the Earth. Every day we come into contact with positive electrons in the form of free radicals. This happens just by using personal devices such as cell phones or radios, as well as microwaves or television. In and of themselves positive electrons are not bad for us, but in excess they can become an issue. The Earth has an opposing negative charge, that is helpful for counteracting these free radical, positive electrons. In today’s world however, people have less and less time to spend outdoors getting dirty, lounging on the lawn, or walking by the seashore barefoot. Conversely, we spend a lot of time indoors using electronic devices. This creates an imbalance that can be potentially damaging. (1), (2)

There are three primary ways to enjoy connecting with our planet through grounding. My favorite, and the best option is in the sand by the seashore. Ideally, the most benefit is attained if you can walk close enough to the water where the sand is wet with the ocean minerals. Then, not only are you neutralizing free radicals, but you are also reaping the benefits of mineral rich, natural ocean water. (3)

The next option, and probably the most feasible for a wide majority of people, is to get your feet in the grass. Standing out in your yard barefoot for ten or fifteen minutes can easily do this. It is cheap, close to home, and does not require much effort.

Lastly, get your feet on rocks, or any other outdoor, non-sealed surface. Black top and sidewalks are not ideal because they are manmade and often contain chemical components. But if you go out hiking or rock climbing, then you can easily take your rubber-soled shoes off and soak up the benefits of skin-to-Earth contact!

The following points detail some additional ways in which grounding can be beneficial to your overall health.

First, grounding reduces overall, or systemic inflammation. This is through the electron transfer taking place between the positive electrons in your body and the negative electrons the Earth carries. When this transfer or neutralization takes place, a reduction in inflammation happens almost immediately. (4)

Next, because grounding helps to reduce inflammation so much, it also plays a part in helping overall chronic diseases, pain, and autoimmune issues, simply because many of these illnesses stem from overall inflammation to the body. (5)

Lastly, and probably my favorite aspect, grounding aids in lowering stress levels and promoting overall calmness. Do those topics sound familiar? Studies show that practicing grounding balances cortisol levels and helps the body to retain homeostasis, thus promoting calmness and stability rather than a constant “fight or flight” mode. (6)

Do you live in a cold climate that prevents you from going out and getting your feet on the Earth’s surface? There are various “grounding” tools available in the forms of mats, chairs, and sleep pads. These items use aspects of grounded electrical outlets to bring the charge of the earth indoors. Check them out here: or type “grounding” into the search bar of our store.

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There are so many wonderful ways to neutralize free radicals in the body and reap the benefits of “grounding”, whether you are able to get outdoors or not. Grounding is so easy, that you can even do it while sleeping!

Where is your favorite place to get your feet on the ground?

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