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Tonics for Total Health

by Andie Dill

With the rise in preventative healthcare, focus is shifting from simply treating disease and illness, to optimizing overall quality of life. This is where herbal medicine can be extremely powerful. I love Urban Moonshine products. Founded in 2008 by Jovial King, Urban Moonshine is set on the goal of making herbal medicine more easily accessible. Their core value is to maintain quality and organic standards, while getting people excited about herbal medicine and the way we think about the healing power of plants. While there are many health-promoting herbals to consider, today we are going to focus on tonics that build immunity, energy and joy.

Urban Moonshine Collection

Immune Tonic

If you’re just starting on your herbal medicine journey, the Immune Tonic is a great place to begin because frankly, if your immune system is not working optimally it is difficult (if not impossible) to build vibrant health and wellness. Today there are so many environmental and lifestyle factors that can tax and weaken the immune system. The most widespread and under-recognized culprit is chronic stress. We live in a society that is full of pressures, demands, and, let’s face it, hard days. I have yet to meet a person that has said they live a completely stress-free life. I also know very few people that get adequate sleep 100% of the time. Just these two factors alone can take a serious toll on the body and immune system over time. (1) (2)


Enter Urban Moonshine’s Immune Tonic. Packed with a variety of immune-toning herbs and medicinal mushrooms, the Immune Tonic is a powerhouse of nutrients. The key ingredients include Reishi and Maitake mushrooms, licorice root, and ginger. This tonic is great for promoting every day wellness, adding protection from seasonal illness, and aiding in recovery should you face sickness. Check it out and read more about the ingredients!

Energy Tonic

Another remedy to consider is the Energy Tonic, which is loaded with adaptogenic herbs to support the adrenals. The adrenals are the small—but important—glands located on top of the kidneys. They are responsible for producing key, life-supporting hormones that regulate metabolism, blood pressure and other key functions. Unfortunately, stress and lack of sleep can weaken the adrenals. In a vicious cycle, adrenal burnout in turn leads to additional sleep disturbance wherein individuals experience trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and have feelings of overall tiredness upon waking. Sound familiar to anyone? All in all, the situation becomes a downward spiral of one bad thing after the next. (3)


I wrote an article previously, which I titled, “Coping With Stress Through Adaptogenic Herbs” in which I detailed and wrote more specifically on some of the herbs found in this tonic. You can check it out! Urban Moonshine’s Energy Tonic features adaptogenic herbs such as Rhodiola, American Ginseng Root, and Licorice Root. Together these adaptogens, combined with other ingredients such as Hawthorn Berry, Leaf, Flower, and Cinnamon, work to boost stamina, increase energy, support healthy athletic performance, and restore mental alertness. What I appreciate most about this product is that it is not a stimulant, and yet it is fast acting. Adaptogenic herbs work with your body’s natural response to stress and help it cope appropriately, allowing you to ultimately preserve energy stores and not become depleted all at once. Check out this little video created by Urban Moonshine’s founder for a few more intriguing details!

Joy Tonic

Lastly, but so very importantly, is Joy Tonic! This tonic was created to help individuals thrive in spirit and soul. A favorite childhood quote of mine was that, “you’re never fully dressed without a smile.” It is true; joy is what gives life fulfillment and hope, and makes our days more meaningful. With the rise in mental health issues and pharmaceutical drugs, this blend was formulated to offer a natural and holistic alternative to provide emotional and mood support, without all the side effects.


The key ingredients in the Joy Tonic include Motherwort Leaf and Flower, Linden Leaf and Flower, Rose Bud and Flower, and Lemonbalm Leaf. Together these herbs work to uplift the heart, reduce occasional sleeplessness, and promote a joyful spirit and positive mental attitude. All it takes is approximately one teaspoon one to three times a day. You can even top it off with a little sparking water for an added pop!

These are just three of the many products Urban Moonshine has formulated. If none of these catch your eye, check out some other options. I have been so blessed by my experience with the products and even appreciate the various sizes some of them come in. While these tonics cannot be consumed during pregnancy, an added bonus is that they are generally safe for lactating mothers. Of course consult your physician before making any personal decisions!

Do you have a favorite Urban Moonshine product? Leave me a comment below!

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