Pure Synergy Bone Renewal Calcium Supplement - 150 Caps

Bone Renewal

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If you're looking for additional bone support, Bone Renewal by Pure Synergy is calcium-based supplement just for you.

Please note the manufacturer has chosen to eliminate the plastic neck bands and cotton from all pure synergy products.

 Key Nutritional Benefits:

  • Supports healthy bone regeneration
  • Maintains your body's vital mineral stores
  • Provides plant-based, bioavailable calcium
  • Botanical Synergizers offer an advanced dimension in bone health
  • Contains all of the essential co-factors to support bone building
  • Bone support capsules are designed for both women and men of all ages


Real Bone Support.

As many know, drinking fortified milk does not do enough to strengthen our bones. A nutrient-dense diet can help support bone health. But if you're looking for additional bone support, Bone Renewal by Pure Synergy, a calcium-based supplement is just for you.

Pure Synergy’s Bone Renewal is an unsurpassed, comprehensive solution for optimal bone health with plant-based bioavailable calcium, magnesium, vitamins D3 and K2, enzymes, trace minerals, and something never before offered until now: their exclusive 4-part blend of rare, vitalizing botanical Synergizes™. No mineral isolates, synthetics, or limestone found here. When it comes to your bones, nature knows best!

Inside each capsule of Pure Synergy’s Bone Renewal, you'll find a three-part blend of powerful bone health ingredients from land and sea, each supported by advanced nutritional science and by centuries of use in traditional cultures around the world: 100% plant-based calcium, magnesium, vitamins D3 and K2, enzymes, trace minerals, and a third category of nutrients not found in any other bone health formula — this rare and vitalizing botanical Synergizers. Highly researched yet never offered in a comprehensive formula, this bone support supplement has extraordinary extracts that are the "missing links" to enable a whole new dimension of bone health. Unparalleled, complete, and perfectly balanced, Pure Synergy’s Bone Renewal truly lives up to its name!

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 5 vegetable capsules

Serving Per Container: 30

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Plant-Based / Fermented Core Essentials    
Vitamin D3** 50 mcg (2000 IU) 250%
Vitamin K1** 120 mcg 100%
Calcium (from Icelandic red algae¹; Japanese white sesame seeds) 840 mg 65%
Magnesium (from Dead Sea mineral concentrate; chelated with brown rice) 420 mg 100%
Plant-Based Trace Minerals & Cofactors    
Silica (from bamboo; Icelandic red algae¹) 25 mg
Phytase (fermented enzyme) 5 mg
Strontium (from Icelandic red algae¹) 5 mg
Boron (fermented**; chelated with brown rice) 3 mg
Vitamin K: K2 (from non GMO natto) 50 mcg  
Vanadium (from Icelandic red algae¹) 20 mcg
SuperPure® Plant Extracts    
SuperPure® Cissus Quadrangularis Extract* 400 mg
SuperPure® Sargassum Algae² Extract 300 mg
SuperPure® Wasabi Rhizome/Leaf freeze Concentrate 50 mg
SuperPure® Bamboo Tabasheer Sap Extract 35 mg

**Cultured in a fermented food matrix: organic soy, organic acacia, organic Saccharomyces cerevisiae, organic maltodextrin, organic alfalfa, L.acidophilus, B.bifidum, L.rhamnosus, papain & bromelain enzymes
* Organic
‡ Daily Value not established 

¹Lithothamnion calcareum; ²Sargassum horneri

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian (cellulose) capsule, trace minerals   Contains: fermented non-GMO soy

Suggested Use: 3-5 capsules daily. For best results, take 1-2 capsules with breakfast and 2-3 capsules with dinner or before bed.

No GMO's, Dairy or Gluten

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