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This bioactive honey-scented blend is perfect for targeting small areas of skin in need of extra healing. Smooth over a carpenter's or gardener's working hands, coat onto your kids or press onto a blemish.

Rendered to boost skin vibrance with the work of bees!

This bioactive honey-scented blend of tallow wax is perfect for targeting small areas of skin in need of extra healing. Smooth over a carpenter's or gardener's working hands, coat onto your kids or press onto a blemish. BUZZ tallow wax is an effective remedy for lips, heels, cuticles, calluses, acne and eczema. It is also popular as a non-addictive chapstick! The manuka honey in this sweet-smelling favorite offers an epidermal probiotic boost to combat skin imbalances. It has a waxy texture that sinks in rapidly for targeted care.

Why Tallow?

Tallow is rendered animal fat. It is a beautiful golden oil which has many traditional uses from cooking and candle making to healing weathered, irritated skin. The fat used in all Lovestock Tallow products is from organic 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised cows. The cows' clean diets give the tallow its maximum nutrient content. They are raised free from antibiotics, hormones and are humanely treated.

Caring for skin shouldn't be confusing—your skin deserves the basic, deep nourishing care of whole foods, just like the rest of your body. Our ancestors certainly realized this. Tallow was historically applied as a soothing and regenerating balm for the skin. The oil has many important qualities and benefits including being stable, safe, nutrient-dense, and easily absorbed. So, in the spirit of appreciating all of nature's resources, we bring the tradition of tallow-based skin care back to you with Lovestock Tallow Balm!

Key Features:

  • Made with a curative blend of tallow, extra virgin olive oil and manuka honey
  • Perfect for lips, heels, hands and blemishes
  • Bioactive, probiotic-filled tallow balm formula
  • Nutrient-dense with fat soluble vitamins D and E, plus activators
  • Contains antioxidant Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
  • Rich in fatty acids that compliment the skin
  • Hand-crafted from certified organic ingredients
  • Made from 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised cows

Ingredients: Tallow* from 100% Grass-Fed Cows Cera Alba***(Beeswax) Honey Comb Wax, Olea europaea*(Olive Oil, Extra Virgin CP) Fruit Oil, 100% Raw New Zealand Manuka Honey

*Certified organic
*** Organic or Organically Grown
Gluten, Nut & Soy Free
All ingredients are UNREFINED.

How to use: Dab a pea-sized amount onto area of concern, including face and lips.
Store away from light and high temperatures. Discard at first sign of product instability.
Patch-test on small area of skin before application. Do not use internally. Warning: The safety of this product has not been determined.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How should I use BUZZ tallow?

A. Patch test on a small area of skin before application. Warm product up on the palm of the hand then press onto area of concern. Repeat use as often as desired.

Q. Can I use this tallow on my face?

A. Yes! Use BUZZ as a daytime or nighttime facial cleanser to resolve blemishes and inflammation. Massage into skin, press a warm wet washcloth onto the face and let the steam coax out dirty oils while fresh oils percolate in. Repeat with the washcloth a few times then finish with a gentle wipe. Oil dissolves oil so your skin will be left feeling clean and soft.

How should I store the tallow?

A. Store away from light and high temperatures. Discard at the first sign of product instability.

1 Review

  • Good product but very expensive

    Dec 7th 2021 | By Ixchelle


    I've been buying the Buzz balm for years and love it. But I was shocked to see the huge price jump. You get very little for quite a lot of money. I know the retail price of grass-fed tallow is (still) very cheap. I understand there needs to be a markup of course, but this is pretty overpriced. Comparable 100% grass-fed tallow balms on Esty and other retailers are much less per ounce (even on the pricier options). This will be my last purchase of this brand.

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