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Nourishing Traditions Kit for Homemade Formula - International Version

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The standard formula kit (Item KIT-004) will make approximately 37 days worth of 36 oz batches with many of the ingredients lasting much longer (see table below).

Lactose is out of stock with no estimated date of arrival. For orders shipped within the US, please see our Nourishing Traditions Kit for Homemade Baby Formula Domestic Version

The kit ingredients correspond to the Feeding Babies section of Nourishing Traditions on pages 598-603. For additional information, we offer the following resources: Healthy Baby Issue of the Wise Traditions Journal and Real Milk Articles from

The standard formula kit (Item KIT-010) will make approximately 30 days worth of 36 oz batches with many of the ingredients lasting much longer (see table below).

For specific contents of the three orderable Kits referenced above, please refer to the Specifications tab above.

NOTE: These kits do NOT contain the Natren Life Start Infant Bifidum. Due to the refrigeration requirements of the Life Start Infant Bifidum, it cannot be shipped internationally.
Please refer to the attached list of International Distributors of Infant Bifidum.

Ingredient Amount Required
per Batch
Number of Batches
per Container
Acerola Powder - (6 oz) 1/4 tsp 188
Lactose - (4 - 1 lb bags) 4 TBS 37
Coconut Oil - (16 oz) 2 tsp 48
Gelatin - (14 oz) 2 tsp 60
Sunflower Oil - (8.5 oz) 1 tsp 51
Nutritional Yeast - (1 lb) 2 tsp 102
Olive Oil - (1/2 Liter) 1 tsp 98
Cod Liver Oil - (6.1 oz) 1/2 tsp 90
*Butter Oil - (6.1 oz) 1/4 tsp 192

*The Butter Oil, Item 058006, is an optional ingredient in the Nourishing Traditions Homemade Baby formula recipe and is not included in the Kits. It can be purchased separately.

**Items may be substituted due to availability.

***This page is not intended as medical advice, please check with your healthcare provider prior to use.

Due to the different amounts used of each product, and the size they come in, the products will need to be reordered at different frequencies.

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How to Make Homemade Baby Formula

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Where can I learn more about the homemade formula as discussed in Nourishing Traditions?

A.Please refer to the Healthy Baby Issue of the Wise Traditions Journal.

Q.Can the ingredients for the baby formula recipe be purchased individually?

A.Yes, the items can be purchased individually.

Q.Can I use Capra whey as a substitute for the homemade whey called for in the Nourishing Traditions recipe?

A.No, the recipe requires live homemade whey.

Q.When I make homemade whey, how long does it last?

A.If refrigerated, it should last 1 - 2 weeks.

Q.Can I omit the whey and make the kit without it?

A.We cannot comment on variations.

Q.How much formula will this kit make?

A.The Basic Kit (KIT-004) will last approximately 37 days worth of 36 oz. batches with many of the ingredients lasting much longer.

Q.Once made, how long does the formula keep?

A.According to the WAPF, the formula should be made fresh every 24 hours, but can be refrigerated and is best to use up within 3 days

Q.Can I freeze the formula?

A.Yes, you can freeze the formula. However, it is recommended that a fresh batch be made daily.

Q.What items require refrigeration?

A.The sunflower oil should be kept away from heat or direct sunlight and has a shelf life of four months.


Items Contained in Each Kit

Item KIT-003 KIT-004
Acerola Powder 1 - 6oz 1 - 6oz
Lactose 4 - 1lb 10 - 1lb
Coconut Oil 1 - 16oz 1 - 32oz
Gelatin 1 - 14oz 2 - 14oz
Sunflower Oil 1 - 8.5oz 1 - 17oz
Nutritional Yeast 1 - 1lb 1 - 1lb
Olive Oil 1 - 1/2 Liter 1 - 1/2 Liter
Cod Liver Oil 1 - 150 ml 3 - 150 ml