Awesome Floss

Awesome Floss

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Key Benefits

  • Helps remineralize between teeth with hydroxyapatite & xylitol.
  • Supports a balanced oral microbiome with organic essential oils.
  • Clinically proven to remove 44% more plaque than regular floss
  • Helps protect against decay between teeth
  • Reduces plaque buildup
  • Stops the root cause of bleeding gums
  • Improves breath (by addressing a root cause of bad breath)
  • Supports heart health

Revolutionize your flossing routine—remove more plaque, support remineralization, and encourage a balanced oral microbiome, all at the same time!

Contains non-GMO xylitol - Xylitol works synergistically with hydroxyapatite to further boost remineralization between our teeth. We source our xylitol from hardwoods to ensure that it's non-GMO

Eco-friendly - Our Awesome Floss is made of polyester from recycled water bottles, which reduces plastic waste. Also, it's packaged in a compostable paperboard dispenser and a compostable cellulose bag.

The wax on our floss is made from sunflower seed wax, olive oil, lacquer tree wax, and sal tree resin. And, we use just enough of the wax to help the floss slide between teeth, but not so much that it creates buildup on the floss string (or in your mouth).

Awesome Floss is soft & fluffy, which makes it super comfortable to use on gums & fingers.

1 Review

  • This is Super Floss!

    May 22nd 2024 | By Bonnie B.


    Here is a floss that is actually beneficial to tooth health embedded with xylitol and hydroxyapatite that helps re-mineralize your teeth.

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