HOCL Irrigator Concentrate

HOCL Irrigator Concentrate

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Key Benefits

  • Kills oral bacteria to quickly disinfect the mouth and gums
  • Highly effective against P.gingivalis and S.mutant, the bacteria that cause periodontal disease and tooth caries*
  • Soothes and heals irritated gums
  • No staining or sticky residue
  • All natural - just sea salt and water
  • 100% safe for adults and children
  • Not available in stores
  • Made in the USA

HOCL Oral Irrigator Concentrate is formulated with HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) and HOCL is the same active component that our white blood cells produce to fight infection. HOCL quickly kills bacteria and viruses by attacking these pathogens and breaking down their cell walls.

Our HOCL is produced using only salt and water, so it is 100% natural. It is more effective than bleach but is safe to use on the skin, eyelids, in the nose, and mouth.

Oral irrigators flush bacteria, plaque, and food particles from hard-to-reach areas using water. When HOCL Oral Irrigator Concentrate is added to that water, the antibacterial properties of HOCL also reach all those hard-to-reach areas and kill any remaining bacteria.

Supplement Facts

100% Gentle for adults and children.

Ingredients: Electrolyzed Saline (hypochlorous Acid HOCL)

HOCL is used by dental professionals as it works to promote good oral hygine.