Virgin Coconut Oil

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The creme de la creme of coconut oils! Our coconut oil is certified organic and produced in the Philippines and Thailand from fresh coconuts opened within 48 hours of being picked from the trees, and immediately processed into oil.

The creme de la creme of coconut oils!

Our coconut oil is certified organic and produced in the Philippines and Thailand from fresh coconuts opened within 48 hours of being picked from the trees, and immediately processed into oil. The oil is extracted by centrifuge, without using heat in the process and with no solvents, bleaches or deodorizers. This retains all the nutrients, including enzymes.

This coconut oil is very creamy and smooth with a lovely coconut taste and aroma. It can be used in most cooking applications and will not overpower other flavors. Additionally, what sets this centrifuged oil apart from all other virgin coconut oils is its high lauric acid content. Lauric acid is the powerful immune-boosting fatty acid that consists of 12 carbon atoms. Most coconut oils contain 46-49% lauric acid, although some coconut oils test out as low as 42%. Our carefully centrifuged oil contains a whopping 57% lauric acid! Also, please note that this coconut oil is higher in medium chain fatty acids than many other coconut oils we have seen (at over 70%), and it contains virtually no polyunsaturated fats. These qualities make it a very stable, energy-rich and healing oil to cook with and enjoy.

Pint and quart sizes in glass containers; gallons are in inert plastic.

Key Nutritional Benefits:

  • High in stable, healthy medium chain fatty acids
  • Rich in therapeutic lauric acid
  • Perfect for high-heat cooking and baking
  • Antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiparasitical, and antiviral properties
  • Supports good thyroid function
  • Contributes to radiant skin and hair
  • Shown to promote heart health
  • Metabolism-boosting to contribute to weight loss
  • Sustainably harvested and fresh
  • Centrifuge extracted for maximal nutrient content

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Tbsp (14 g)

Servings Per Container - pint:32

Servings Per Container - quart:64

Servings Per Container - gallon:256

Calories 7

Amount Per Serving% Daily Value*
Calories from Fat120 
Total Fat14 g22%
 Saturated Fat14 g67%
 Trans Fat0 g 
Cholesterol0 g0%
Sodium0 g0%
Total Carbohydrates0 g0%
Protein0 g0%

Not a significant source of Trans Fat, Cholesterol, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium or Iron.
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Ingredients: Certified organic coconut oil

Suggested Use: 1 to 3 Tbsp. daily.

Store at room temperature. Place jar in warm water to liquefy.
Do not use if plastic safety seal is broken or missing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Isn't coconut oil mostly saturated fat, which is bad?

A. The saturated fat found in virgin coconut oil, lauric acid, is a Medium Chain Fatty Acid. It is easily broken down by the body and is converted to energy, not body fat.For more information as to why saturated fats are not the bad guys as we've been led to believe, read Eat Fat Lose Fat.

Q. When I received my coconut oil it was solid, but now it's liquid! Why?

A. Virgin coconut oil has a melting point of around 78-80 degrees F. It is perfectly normal for it to melt and it is fine for it to go back and forth between liquid and solid states.

Q. How is coconut oil different from coconut butter?

A. Coconut oil and coconut butter are basically synonymous.There are products on the market made by blending the coconut meat with the oil resulting in a different product known as coconut spread. Another product, coconut cream, is made by juicing raw coconut.

Q. Should I refrigerate it?

A. NO!Refrigerating coconut oil is not necessary for its stability. It can actually lead to mold growth in the oil due to the repeated condensation of moisture from the air into the jar.

Q. What does it taste like?

A. Some virgin coconut oils taste very strong - so strong that it overpowers the food you are cooking.Ours has a lovely mild coconut taste and aroma.

Q. Why should I take coconut oil?

A. Important nutrients like lauric acid have been reported to support the immune system, provide energy, support ideal weight and can have a positive effect on the thyroid.

Q. Is it true that coconut oil is great for sun protection? I have heard putting on coconut oil is the same as putting on sunscreen. if it's true then ..... can i wear my normal lotion then put on coconut oil on top for protection?

A. Many people do report that coconut oil provides some level of protection from the sun without introducing toxic chemicals like PABA found is the majority of sunscreens. Though the beneficial moisturizing effects of coconut oil on the skin are well documented, we would not recommend that coconut oil alone be used as sun protection but instead be combined with wearing a hat and other protective clothing. This is particularly important during the summer months and during peak daylight hours. With that said, there are those who do rely solely on coconut oil and their skin is very healthy. According to Dr Bruce Fife from his book, The Coconut Oil Miracle

"The Polynesians, who traditionally wear very little clothing, have for generations been exposed to the hot blistering sun, yet have beautiful healthy skin without blemishes and without cancer. The reason is they eat coconuts and use the oil on their bodies as a lotion. The oil is absorbed into the skin and into the cell structure of the connective tissues, limiting the damage excessive sun exposure can cause. Their skin remains undamaged even when exposed to long hours in the hot sun."

Q. What does the centrifuge process involve?

A. Coconuts are shelled, crushed and ground into a slurry. The slurry is sent through a large centrifuge which spins moisture out leaving the oil behind, with very little moisture.

Q.Why buy Coconut oil from Radiant Life when I can find it cheaper elsewhere?

A. Not all coconut oil is alike. Our oil is selected with you in mind... Certified organic - Made without introducing heat, solvents, deodorizers, bleach, and refining. Our coconut oil is cold pressed and centrifuged to eliminate water.Coconut oil with high water content has limited shelf life as moisture destroys coconut oil causing it to go rancid. The only reason coconut oil gets processed at all is to separate it from the meat and the water.All other methods of processing have negative consequences on the quality, taste and feel of the oil.

Please note that if the coconut oil doesn't smell or taste like coconut, it's not a high quality oil and it's probably been refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD).Some products labeled as coconut oil are not even made from coconut oil but instead from copra which is a dried coconut by-product.

Q. What type of container will my coconut oil arrive in?

A. We prefer to supply our coconut oil in glass jars. This is practical for our pint and quart sizes.For our one gallon container, a medical grade plastic is used.This is the only safe way it can ship.We have tested this plastic and it's extremely inert.

Q. Can coconut oil be heated?

A. While many enjoy it in an uncooked state, coconut oil can be cooked safely up to 400*F. Many also find that it acts as a great natural moisturizer for skin and hair, even being absorbed by the body on a nutrient level through the skin!

Radiant Tips
Our coconut oil is wonderful in smoothies, great for sauteing and baking, and is fabulous as a skin moisturizer.Use several Tbsp/day
for therapeutic results including weight loss.
(read Eat Fat Lose Fat)
Common Benefits/Uses
Can support thyroid balance (hypo-thyroidism), lauric acid is anti-viral & anti-parasitical; medium chain fatty acids raise metabolism and can confer extra energy and weight loss.
(read Eat Fat Lose Fat)

5 Reviews

  • Outstanding, the best of the best

    Sep 13th 2019 | By Bunny


    I LOVE this coconut oil! I could taste as well as feel a difference on my dry skin. This is the very best coconut oil I've ever used and is worth every pennyI went through my one gallon bucket very quickly as I use it for literally everything. I recently bought wildly organic's centrifuge organic coconut oil just to see if I'd notice a difference, there is, it may only be a slight difference but I'm sticking with Radiant Life for all future purchasesI'm subscribed to Sarah Pope from the Healthy Home Economist, she recommends this coconut oil and that is how I found it, thank you SarahAbsolutely the very best coconut oil money can buy

  • Yummmm

    Jan 22nd 2016 | By Danielle Stoor


    Love it, love it, love it! I am so pleased I tell everyone about your oil! I use it for hair and skin, fantastic and smells amazing. Cooking and baking superb, and mild everyone asked me how my food is so moist when I bake. For oil pulling totally awesome. No complaints. Even the price per gallon is totally great, and yes I use a gallon a year. Keep up the great work and also DO NOT EVER CHANGE WHAT YOU DO. Too many people do for money and then the recipients suffer. Thank you again!

  • Best Coconut Oil out there!

    Dec 22nd 2013 | By Debbie Bowden


    I use this for oil pulling & it has greatly improved my oral health. My dentist was amazed at the difference. This product has a mild coconut flavor & is very lite. I would recommend this to anyone.

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