14-Stage Replacement Filter, Membrane & Tool Kits

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Radiant Life offers a complete line of parts and accessories for your water purification needs including filters, membranes, UV lights, TDS meters and any other item required to keep your system at optimal performance!

We hope you’ve been enjoying your Radiant Life 14-Stage Water Purification System and the delicious, clean water it creates. We recommend testing your system periodically to ensure that your filters and purifiers are working optimally. Because filter and purifier lifespan varies depending on the quality of your incoming water, testing is the best way to determine when components need to be replaced. Please visit our 14-Stage Testing and Filter Replacement Guide if you need help selecting the filter kit that is right for you.

DI Purifier & Filter Replacement Kit (K082-004) includes one 5 Micron Pre-Filter, one Coconut Carbon AQ Filter, 2 Deionization (DI) Purifier Cartridges, one Restructuring Cartridge, and one Remineralizing Cartridge.

RO Membrane Replacement Kit (K082-006) includes one Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane and one Flow Restrictor.

Maintenance Tool Set (K082-007) includes a housing wrench, a fitting tool, and a digital pressure gauge. These items were included with the 14-Stage Water Purification System at purchase. If they have been misplaced or need to be replaced for another reason, we recommend purchasing another set. These tools are required to complete a filter change.

Radiant Life offers a complete line of parts and accessories for your water purification needs. For additional items, please see the 14-Stage Individual Parts & Accessory Page.

If your system was purchased prior to 2009, please contact us to determine the correct replacement filter set. Expedited shipping is not available on parts and accessories at this time.

14-Stage Testing and Filter Replacement Guide

For comprehensive information on testing your 14-Stage Water Purification System, selecting filter kits and replacing components, please visit the 14-Stage Testing and Filter Replacement Guide. Individual instructional videos are also included below for your reference.

14-Stage Testing Video

DI Purifier & Filter Replacement Kit Installation

RO Membrane Replacement Kit Installation

3 Reviews

  • 14 Stage Water Purification Filter

    Apr 6th 2022 | By Unknown


    We love our 14 Stage Water Purification System and love that we have this filter to replace around every 2 years. Such clear and fresh tasting water!

  • DIY filter change was easy!

    Dec 5th 2021 | By Unknown


    Was easy to install and the instruction videos are a great help. Was able to change out all the filters in under 10 minutes!

  • Love my water filtration system!

    Apr 2nd 2021 | By Marian


    Water is essential and clean water is a must. We are made of 75% water. This water system helps me to drink pure water and keep hydrated. If you are serious about what you put into your body, you need to drink clean and pure water! The water tastes amazing!

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