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14-Stage Biocompatible Water Purification System

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The unique 14-Stage Water Purification System incorporates three purifiers (reverse osmosis and two deionization purifying stages) as the foundation of the system. This ensures 99.99% purification

Taste the Difference of Pure Water!

Are you worried about contaminants in your drinking water? Are you looking to find nourishing, regenerating, life-giving water for you and your family? If so, you've come to the right place. We have dedicated years of research to find the best solutions for creating healthy water. We are happy and excited to share the results of our work with this drinking water purification system.

We are proud to introduce you to the Radiant Life 14-Stage Biocompatible Water Purification System. Not only does this carefully crafted system purify water, but it also restructures and remineralizes it. The result is a silky, fresh water that is as close to the pristine running waters of nature as possible. There's nothing quite like it on the market. You'll taste and feel the difference!

Introducing the 14-Stage Biocompatible Water Purification System

Radiant Life Company offers the best water purifying system for drinking water on the market today. Fluoride, lead, chlorine, MTBE, chromium-6, nitrates, pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, water-borne illness—you name it: this is the only system that can completely take out whatever your water throws at it!

The unique 14-Stage Water Purification System incorporates three purifiers (reverse osmosis and two deionization purifying stages) as the foundation of the system. This ensures 99.99% purification when new, only falling to 99.9% over time. Almost all other reverse osmosis-based systems use just one purifier and thus may start at 95% purification, but after a year that figure will often be as low as 80%. This is just one of the things that water dealers won't tell you.

Our pre- and post-filters offer additional filtration and we also include a UV light system enclosed in a compact stainless steel chamber for added protection against bacteria and pathogens. These first seven stages are designed to remove all toxins in your water.

Creating Biocompatible (healthy, hydrating) water is completed in the second seven stages of this system. The water is balanced, restructured, and remineralized mimicking the best waters in nature.

14 Stages of Purification Perfection

Stage 1 - Filtration - Five Micron Sediment Pre-Filter
Stage 2 - Filtration - Internal Coconut Shell Carbon Filter
Stage 3 - Purification - Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Stage 4 - Purification - Mixed Bed De-Ionization System 1
Stage 5 - Purification - Mixed Bed De-Ionization System 2
Stage 6 - Holding Tank
Stage 7 - Sterilization - 14 Watt Ultraviolet Light
Stages 8 & 9 - Restructuring - Homeopathic Memory, Molecule Coherence
Stage 10 - Reprogramming - Adding Natural Mineral Properties
Stage 11 - Reprogramming - Adding Natural Earth Properties
Stage 12 - Reprogramming - Lowering Surface Tension
Stage 13 & 14 - Remineralizing - Coconut Shell Carbon Post-Filtration and Alka-Min Ionic Remineralization

For a more detailed explanation of the stages see 14 Stage Descriptions or 14 Stage System Diagram.

Key Features

Our multi-stage water filter system removes all toxins, all of the time, resulting in drinking water that is:

  • Purified
  • Sterilized
  • Restructured
  • Remineralized
  • Alkaline Rebalanced

Pure Water at Your Kitchen Sink

Installation of the 14-Stage Biocompatible Water Purification System is not difficult. Most people opt to install the 14-Stage System right beneath the kitchen sink. However, in some situations it can also be installed in the basement. The system includes a dedicated spigot and free TDS meter to determine when to change your filters. A person who is handy or a plumber who has installed RO systems before can install this unit in about 1 to 2 hours.

The 5 gallon storage tank is generally sufficient for most families. It holds just over three gallons of water and refills itself rather quickly providing plenty of purified water for your family for drinking, cooking and preparing meals. Dimensions of the standard 5 gallon tank are 17"h x 12"d. Dimensions of the purification unit are: 18"h x 16"w x 7"d. Larger families that use a lot of water for drinking and cooking on a daily basis may want to consider our 9- or 14-gallon storage tanks.

Operating costs are low, averaging just $.40 per day (about $150/year).

We Are Here to Help

Radiant Life has a dedicated technical support team available to answer all your questions regarding installation, maintenance and service for our products. Prior to your purchase we will help you select the right products to meet your needs, size the system for your home and identify the proper installation location for your systems.

Place your order online or call Our Water Division at (888) 593-9595 Option # 3 with any questions or to order. NOTE: Typical delivery time is one week.

Radiant Life Water Expert

General Questions

Q. Why is this system special?

A. There are five main reasons our system is unique:

1. Superior purification power. Our Biocompatible Water System uses three purifiers, not just one, which ensures 99%+ purification - not only when it is new, but over time.

2. No compromises. There are no shortcuts in this system; every part is of the highest caliber, designed to safely handle ultra-pure water, and made for robust durability. We stand behind our systems, and you should expect it to serve you for a long, long time.

3. UV sterilization. Most (RO) reverse osmosis-based systems don't incorporate a UV light to sterilize the water, and if they do it is usually made entirely of plastic which eventually leaches toxins into the water under 24/7 exposure to UV light. We use a UV light made with a quartz glass and stainless steel housing, which allow the UV light to do its work without leaching anything into the water. A UV light of this quality is not cheap to add to a system, which is why most companies don't include one.

4. Comprehensive restructuring. The first seven stages of the system create ultra-pure water, but purification is just the first step. Our second seven stages bring the balance back to the water, mimicking nature to impart subtle, beneficial properties your body will notice, including ionic minerals and alkalinity.

5. Other features: 50 gallon per day membrane capacity makes it hard to run out of water (compared to 15-25 gpd of other systems). Excellent flow rate for quick fill-ups. Low maintenance costs over time make this a low-hassle, low-cost system to operate.

All this means that you can enjoy the purest, healthiest water you will ever drink in your own home!

Q. Is this a whole house system?

A. No. Contrary to what you may hear, there is no system on the market (for under $10,000) that can offer pure water for your entire house, affecting all of your faucets. Our Biocompatible Water System is designed to supply you with the purest, restructured, alkaline water through dedicated spigot(s) for drinking purposes. We do carry whole house systems, but they are designed to remove chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, and pesticide-like chemicals, creating great bathing and gardening water, protecting your plumbing from corrosion, and providing pre-filtration for your drinking water system. While a whole house system is optional, it is an excellent idea, but it does not provide purified drinking water. Anyone who tells you their whole house system (except whole house reverse osmosis) provides pure drinking water is misleading you.

Q. How long has this system been on the market?

A. Although we have made a few improvements over time, the system has been on the market since our inception in 1999. We currently have thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

Q. What is the return policy?

A. We will gladly accept unopened/unused product returns within 30 days of purchase. Please see our complete Return Policy for details.

Q. I've heard reverse osmosis water is bad for me. Don't reverse osmosis systems produce acidic, dead, aggressive water?

A. We don't recommend drinking normal reverse osmosis water, because it is not completely pure and it is acidic, aggressive, and unbalanced. This doesn't mean that RO is not a useful technology, it just needs to be complemented with more purifiers and then the water must be restructured and remineralized.

Q. Does this system remove fluoride? Chloramines? Lead? Pharmaceutical residues?

A. Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Because it is a triple-purification system, it removes all these contaminants and many more – both when the unit is new, and over time. This is the main difference our system provides – it is able to achieve 99%+ purification of the toxins we know about, and the same purification of those we don't know about yet, which have yet to hit the headlines. Most importantly, our system maintains this very high level of purification over time. This is the kind of purification you deserve and require in this toxic world, and which can only be delivered with a triple purifying system.

Q. What about plastics in the system – don't they leach into the purified water?

A. Our system is designed specifically using materials made for ultra-pure water. In a purification system there are many dozens of parts, and each of them must be evaluated for their safety and inertness – this is the level of care we take with the Biocompatible Water System. Obviously we cannot vouch for other companies' level of attention to this area. Our system is the choice of environmental consultants who recommend this system for their most sensitive clients, because of the absolute purity of the water.

Q. How does the water taste?

A. Our customers consistently tell us that they are amazed at the great taste and feel of the water, and that it is the best water they have ever drank! It has been compared to expensive Penta-Water, only ours is more purified, and much cheaper to make in your own home!

Q. What are the health benefits of drinking this water?

A. We cannot make claims in this area, but we can say that hydration is vital to nutrient delivery, toxin/waste elimination, slowing the aging process, and overall wellness. Drinking hydrating water like this is one of the best things you can do for your wellbeing.

Q. What is "energetic restructuring"?

A. Energetic restructuring is a process that mimics what happens to water when it flows over rocks in a stream, or through the Earth. Nature is very complex and mysterious, and there is much we don't know about water's subtle properties. One of the most intriguing properties of water is "memory," or the ability to contain information about a substance even though that substance may no longer be physically present. This characteristic of water is what underlies the 150+ year old esteemed science of homeopathy. Our restructuring process erases the memory of electrical fields, physical toxins, and other residues of the human world, and gently infuses the natural and beneficial informational fields of the natural world using naturally occurring far-infrared minerals. These mineral formations occur naturally, and we are effectively boosting the process so that the restructuring occurs in 18 inches of travel by the water, rather than over miles of river rocks through the Earth.

System Performance

Q. Are there any impurities this system has problems removing?

A. A. Yes – high levels of iron. Iron particles in water acts like little knives, and can shred the membrane. If you have a serious iron problem (usually affecting people who rely on well water with iron levels over 0.5 ppm) you will usually know it by the red staining on your fixtures/sinks.

Q. If I have hard water, do I need to put in a softener?

A. If the hardness of your water is above 10 grains/gallon we recommend a whole house softener or what we refer to as a conditioner. A conditioner will allow your water purification system to work much better and last longer, will preserve your plumbing, and will make your clothes last longer.

Q. Don't reverse osmosis systems waste a lot of water?

A. Reverse osmosis developed a reputation for water waste in years past, when their efficiency levels were much lower. Our system today will send about 2.5 gallons of water (the rejected toxins and water necessary to clean the membrane) for every gallon purified. This is a very small amount of water – if you use a gallon of purified water a day, 2.5 gallons would be like one family member staying in the shower for 30 seconds, or flushing a low-flush toilet once a day.

Q. What if the headlines come out tomorrow with news of some new chemical in my water? Will this system remove it?

A. This is one of the great things about this system – it is designed to remove all toxins in your water, whether we even know they are there or not! Consider the pharmaceutical residues that were present in our water for years before we realized they were there – you want a system robust enough to deal with known and unknown toxins, so the headlines don't have to scare you anymore.

Q. What is your water's pH?

A. The pH of our Biocompatible Water depends on many things, including your own tap water's purity and pH. But the average pH would be between 8 and 9, though this is hard to measure on normal pH paper. Normal pH strips are designed for normal water, not purified water. Purified water has few or no minerals so it confounds normal pH strips. To accurately measure the pH of our water you need a special pH meter designed for purified water.

Comparison with Other Systems

Q. How does the Biocompatible Water System compare to other systems on the market?

A. There are basically five types of water systems on the market today. Here is a brief overview of these systems, with comparisons to ours.

1. Filters: Standard carbon filters are common, but are incapable of removing fluoride, metals, and chloramines. They make up an important part of our system but used alone they represent only a partial solution.

2. Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis is a foundational purification technology, but there are limits to what it can accomplish by itself. Most RO systems use only one purifier which means that the purification is compromised. Also, all RO membranes decline in efficiency over time so it is important to use multiple purifiers (deionization) to keep efficiency levels high. RO water is acidic, unbalanced, and aggressive unless water is restructured and remineralized.

3. Distillers: Distillers have crucial flaws that makes it not a good choice for our day and age. First, distillation does not remove all toxins in the first pass. It is really necessary to distill water three times to get total purification (ie, triple purification). This is very difficult with distillers, and even if you did accomplish this, distilled water is so randomized, acidic, chaotic, and aggressive that it is not healthy to drink for extended periods. Distilled water actively absorbs what it comes into contact with. For example, when it makes contact with air, it quickly absorbs carbon dioxide and becomes acidic. Since distilled water is free of dissolved minerals and other particles, it has the ability to leech toxic substances from your body and eliminate them resulting in the possible development of mineral deficiencies and an acidic state. You can also rapidly lose electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride) and trace minerals, which can cause cardiac irregularities, high blood pressure, and cognitive/emotional disturbances. Distilled water is great for steam irons and car batteries but not for drinking.

4. Staged filters: These systems put various types of filters in one tank or cartridge and claim to offer the ability to create drinking water for the whole house, and rarely need to have their filters changed. Some claim restructuring capabilities as well. We have found the claims of these systems to be misleading or false. These systems do not address the most serious toxins found in our water today, and should be avoided.

5. Ionizers: Ionizers are a very poor investment because they don't purify the water, and they only create a weak alkaline effect. It is far better to actually completely purify your water and then to create a powerful alkaline effect according to our instructions.

Installation Questions

Q. I notice that you offer your system with an option for three different size storage tanks. How do I determine which size is right for my family?

A. Generally, the 5 gallon storage tank is sufficient for most families. It holds just over three gallons of water, providing plenty of purified water for your family for drinking, cooking and preparing meals. After you have dispensed about 1 gallon from the storage tank, the purifier automatically begins to replace the water and refill the storage tank. Larger families will consider our nine or fourteen gallon storage tanks for providing drinking water and preparing meals.

Q. What are the dimensions? Will it fit under my sink?

A. Dimensions of the purification unit are: 18"h x 16"w x 7"d. Dimensions of the standard 5 gallon tank are 17"h x 12"d. Both parts are designed to not take up a lot of usable under-sink space. Generally the area under a standard sink area will suffice, with the purification unit typically going on the right wall (mounting on screws is ideal), and the tank going in the back left corner out of the way. Installing in this way minimizes interference with other under-sink needs, and still allows for easy maintenance.

We also offer larger holding tanks offering a practical upgrade if the family or office wants to have an even greater amount of pure water readily available.

5 Gallon Tank (standard tank) - Holds approximately 3.5 gallons at 60psi, Dimensions: 17" high x 12" diameter

9 Gallon Tank - Holds approximately 5 gallons at 60psi, Dimensions: 19" high (21" with top fitting) x 13" diameter

14 Gallon Tank - Holds approximately 10 gallons at 60psi, Dimensions: 23" high x 16" diameter

A larger size holding tank is also recommended if you want to install the RO system in the basement or garage, and feed pure water to multiple outlets. The high water volume in the tank will help maintain strong delivery pressure to your remote output points. The tank works fine standing up or laying down on its side. So if you lack space, you can lay the tank down or put it elsewhere within 20-30 ft. horizontally, and 10-15 ft. vertically from the RO purification unit, and it will work fine.

Q. Are there other installation options if my under-sink is small?

A. Absolutely. If you have an adjoining cabinet to the under-sink area that can be freed up, it could house one or both of the system's components, with a small hole drilled between the cabinets for the tubing. Another option that may be available to you is to put the purifier and tank in the basement and run the purified water up to the sink(s). If there is less than 10 feet of vertical lift, you don't need a booster pump and if there is more than 10 feet of lift, you will want a booster pump (approx. $250).

Q. What else do I need to know about installing our 14-Stage Water Purification System?

A. The system also includes a dedicated lead-free stainless steel faucet with a chrome finish for dispensing pure drinking water. To install the faucet, a ½ inch diameter hole is required at your kitchen sink to accommodate the threaded shank of the faucet. Also, please note that this system does require access to a standard electrical outlet to power the UV light assembly for added protection against bacteria and other pathogens. Oftentimes, an electrical outlet is available in your kitchen cabinet to provide power to a dishwasher or disposal.

Q. Does the water come out of my kitchen faucet or a special spigot?

A. We supply a dedicated lead-free stainless steel faucet with a chrome finish for dispensing the purified water. Purified water produced from our 14-Stage Water Purification System needs to be handled carefully and cannot flow over any metal surfaces since it would immediately absorb those metals. That is why we include a lead-free stainless steel faucet for dispensing the pure water from the storage tank.

Q. Can I send purified water to other locations in my house beside my kitchen sink?

A. Yes. You can send water to other parts of the house with extra dedicated tubing we supply that is run to the other location(s). The water at the other location (kitchenette, bathroom, etc.) will be delivered through special lead-free spigots we supply, just like at the kitchen sink.

Q. Is the Biocompatible Water System hard to install? Do I need a plumber?

A. No, installation is not difficult. A person who is handy or a plumber who has installed RO systems before can install this unit in about 1 to 2 hours. Additionally, we provide telephone technical support during installation to answer any questions that may arise.

Q. Is there anything I need to do before the service provider arrives?

A. If you have retained a service provider to install your system, we highly recommend that you open and inspect all contents of the system 2-3 days prior to the installation date. This will familiarize you with the system while ensuring that you know it arrived safely and intact while in transit.

Q. What if I rent? Can I take the system with me when I leave? Is it hard to remove and will it leave an impact on the plumbing?

A. Renters use this system with excellent results, installing it and then taking it with them when they move out with no impact to the plumbing. The unit is easy to install and remove using special adapters. Installation of a dedicated drinking faucet is also required. A 1/2" hole in the sink. Many sinks have pre-exisiting holes that can be used. If you have questions, please contact our customer support (Option 2) or our sales team (Option 3).

Post-Installation & Service Questions

Q. The water in my glass appears very cloudy. Is this normal?

A. Yes, this is perfectly normal upon start-up of a new system. When the system is first installed, there is still air contained throughout the various components of your system, even though water is flowing through the unit. What you are seeing are tiny air bubbles being pushed out of the filters as they saturate with water. You will notice that the cloudiness will quickly disappear from your glass of drinking water as the air bubbles dissipate. Generally, the cloudiness will disappear within 3 to 7 days depending on your water usage.

Q. Why is the water in my glass warm at times? Is this normal?

A. Yes, this is normal. Water contained in the UV Light Sterilization System for an extended period of time, such as overnight, will warm up due to heating from the UV lamp. Oftentimes, customers will discard this small amount of water from their first glass of water in the morning which may feel warm to them. The purified water dispensed from the storage tank will then quickly return to room temperature.

Q. What are the yearly maintenance costs?

A. Although our customers change filters approximately every two years, the average yearly maintenance cost is approximately $150. This is very reasonable in the industry, especially for a system with 14 Stages. Other systems with many fewer components often cost much more to maintain.

Q.Does Radiant Life offer a Warranty on the 14-Stage Water System?

A. Radiant Life warrants to the original owner of our 14-Stage Water Purification System to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

  • 1-year warranty from defects in materials or workmanship in manufacturing.

The Warranty does not include clogging from water conditions, damage caused by or resulting from unreasonable use, including failure to provide reasonable maintenance, or incidental or consequential damages, such as water damage or damage to appliances, fixtures or other equipment. Complete details of our Warranty can be found in our 14-Stage Water Purification Owner's Manual

Q. Can I change the filters myself or do I need a plumber?

A. Filter changes are pretty straightforward, and many customers do this themselves. Others choose to hire a person who is handy for various reasons; it really is up to you. If you can follow instructions, you can do this.

Q. How often will I need to change filters?

A. We include a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter with your unit so you can test your filter efficiency. The TDS meter is a handheld device with an LCD screen that allows you to test your water. This is important because we want you to get the most life out of your filters and to have peace of mind knowing that your system is working properly. Based on TDS readings, our customers change filters approximately every two years depending on water purity, hardness, and usage. The process of testing your filters is very simple and takes only about 5 minutes a few times a year. You can learn more about testing and filter changes below.

Radiant Life 14-Stage Testing and Filter Replacement Guide

For comprehensive information on testing your 14-Stage Water Purification System, selecting filter kits and replacing components, please visit the 14-Stage Testing and Filter Replacement Guide. Individual instructional videos are also included below for your reference.

14-Stage Testing Video

DI Purifier & Filter Replacement Kit Installation

RO Membrane Replacement Kit Installation


Radiant Life 14-Stage Water Testing Report

Water Testing Certificate of Analysis

Radiant Life 14-Stage Manual

Radiant Life 14-Stage Biocompatible Water Purification System Installation Manual

Radiant Life 14-Stage Testing and Filter Replacement Guide

For comprehensive information on testing your 14-Stage Water Purification System, selecting filter kits and replacing components, please visit the 14-Stage Testing and Filter Replacement Guide. Individual instructional videos are also included below for your reference.

14-Stage Testing Video

DI Purifier & Filter Replacement Kit Installation

RO Membrane Replacement Kit Installation

22 Reviews

  • water purification system

    Oct 3rd 2021 | By Elizabeth A English


    So far we love this product, but it does not seem to have a holding for more than about a quart of water once you start filling a container

  • Water Filter

    Mar 24th 2021 | By Tyler Morse


    It's very pleasing water that this system produces, indeed! The installation was simpler than I expected, requiring no plumber (and I don't know much). I did my first test, which was also very easy. I highly recommend this system for anyone anywhere.

  • Delicious-tasting water, 2 years and counting....

    Aug 13th 2020 | By HeatherMac


    We purchased this unit along with Radiant Life's Whole-House Series 6 filtration system, over 2 years ago, and we have been very happy with them both. I only want to drink our tap water, because it tastes so good!

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