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Home Family Kit

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Boiron’s HomeoFamily is the premier convenience, a homeopathic kit for everyday needs. Boiron is the world leader in homeopathy.

The Perfect Homeopathic Kit for Everyday Needs!

Boiron’s HomeoFamily is the premier convenience, a homeopathic kit for everyday needs. Boiron is the world leader in homeopathy.

The Boiron HomeoFamily is a homeopathic kit that provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the most recommended single medicines. Boiron has created the HomeoFamily kit for daily life, making it a suitable and handy selection of homeopathic medicines for the most acute health conditions, such as allergies, coughs, colds, flu, stress, arthritis pain, muscle pain, teething, etc.


  • Over a $340 value
  • Deluxe home kit filled with homeopathic essentials.
  • Contains 32 full-size tubes of Boiron single medicines.
  • Comes with 12 individual doses of Oscillococcinum®.
  • Can store 16 additional tubes plus six more doses of Oscillococcinum.
  • Ideal for home, office, or professional use.
  • Includes storage case.

Contents: Aconitum napellus 6C; (2) Apis mellifica 30C; Argentum nitricum 30C; (2) Arnica montana 30C; Arsenicum album 30C; Belladonna 6C; Bryonia 6C; Cantharis 6C; Cinchona officinalis 30C; Cocculus indicus 30C; Coffea cruda 30C; Cuprum metallicum 6C; Drosera 30C; Euphrasia officinalis 6C; Ferrum phosphoricum 6C; Gelsemium sempervirens 30C; Glonoinum 6C; Histaminum hydrochloricum 30C; Ignatia amara 30C; Ipecacuanha 6C; Kali bichromicum 6C; Kali phosphoricum 30C; Ledum palustre 6C; Magnesia phosphorica 6C; (2) Nux vomica 30C; Podophyllum peltatum 30C; Rhus tox 6C; Ruta graveolens 6C; Urtica urens 6C; 12 doses of Oscillococcinum.

Allium Cepa - Allergic or viral runny nose
Antimonium tartaricum - Wet, non-productive cough
Apis mellifica - Swelling from insect bites or allergies
Arnica montana - Trauma, bruises and muscle soreness
Arsenicum album - Traveler's diarrhea
Belladonna - High fever of sudden onset
Bryonia alba - Muscle and joint pains
Calcarea carbonica - Cradle cap
Chamomilla - Teething pain with irritability
Cinchona officinalis - Diarrhea with gas and bloating
Colocynthis - Abdominal cramps improved by bending over
Drosera rotundifolia - Spasmodic dry cough
Dulcamara - Joint pain triggered and worsened by damp weather
Eupatorium perfoliatum - Stiffness and bone pain associated with flu symptoms
Ferrum phosphoricum - Low or mild fever
Gelsemium sempervirens - Stage fright, apprehension
Hepar sulphuris calcareum - Painful and hoarse dry cough
Hypericum perforatum - Nerve pain
Ignatia amara - Nervousness, hypersensitivity due to everyday stress
Ipecacuanha - Nausea and vomiting with hyperventilation
Kali bichromicum - Colds with thick nasal discharge
Lachesis mutus - Hot flashes associated with menopause
Ledum palustre - Insect bites
Magnesia phosphorica - Spasmodic pain in the abdomen
Mercurius solubilis - Sore throat with offensive breath and excessive salivation
Naturm muriaticum - Allergic runny nose
Nux vomica - Heartburn or drowsiness due to excessive eating or drinking
Pulsatilla - Colds with thick, yellow, non-irritating nasal discharge
Rhus toxicodendron - Joint pain improved by motion
Sepia - Mood swings
Silicea - Fatigue and irritability due to overwork
Spongia tosta - Croupy cough

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