Pure Synergy Zinc Complex: Fermented Zinc Capsules

Zinc Complex

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A food-based source of zinc synergized with organic shiitake mushrooms, camu camu berry, & vegetables. Pure Synergy's Zinc Complex is easy to digest & gentle on the stomach.

Please note the manufacturer has chosen to eliminate the plastic neck bands and cotton from all pure synergy products.

Key Features:

  • Nutritional support for healthy immune function
  • Promotes healthy cognitive function & fosters a healthy mood
  • Supports healthy eyes, skin, gastrointestinal & reproductive systems
  • Food-form, fermented zinc that’s gentle on your stomach
  • Made with Organic Ingredients, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free

A vitamin C that's purely from nature.

Pure Synergy's Zinc Complexcapsules combine fermented zinc with an organic food complex of immune-supporting shiitake mushrooms, vitamin C-rich camu camu berries, and wholesome green vegetables and sprouts. The result is powerful immune system support and nourishment for your overall health.

Key Ingredients

Wild Camu Camu Berries—One of the world's richest sources of natural vitamin C (30-50 times more than an orange!), our Camu Camu berries are wild harvested by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest and then gently juiced and dried to retain all their precious nutritional cargo. Your purchase of Pure Synergy's Zinc Complex not only supports your health, it also helps to preserve the planet's precious tropical ecosystem.

Collard GreensIntegral to traditional southern American cuisine, collard greens don't get as much attention as their cruciferous cousins like kale and broccoli. But make no mistake: collard greens are part of this famed cruciferous family of vegetables known for its powerhouse glucosinolate nutrients. From supporting healthy liver function and detoxification to healthy cell replication, collard greens do far more than accompany your bacon and grits. Our certified-organic collard greens are grown in the USA where they are carefully monitored for peak nutrient content prior to harvest. Once picked, our greens are washed and quickly freeze-dried to meet our impeccably high standards of quality and purity..

Cruciferous Sprouts—These compounds are known for their profound effects on DNA protection and cellular detoxification. They support healthy detoxification and healthy antioxidant status, including the all-important production of glutathione. Glutathione is your master antioxidant and is arguably your body's most indispensable compound when it comes to staying healthy. Our array of organic, fresh freeze-dried cruciferous sprouts includes Broccoli Sprouts, Upland Cress Sprouts, Daikon Sprouts, Red Radish Sprouts, Cauliflower Sprouts, Cabbage Sprouts, and Arugula Sprouts..

Parsley LeafParsley leaf is a vastly underutilized superfood that's much more than just a decorative garnish. It boasts two groups of powerful compounds called volatile oils and flavonoids, both of which deliver compelling health benefits. Volatile oils like myristicin, apiol, and eugenol support healthy cell activity, healthy detoxification, and a healthy immune response. Flavonoids such as luteolin serve as scavengers of damaging free radicals. Elevate parsley to the healthy, nutritious plant that it is by including it in your daily diet. Our nutritious parsley plants are grown in pristine organic growing conditions. At the optimal time, our parsley is harvested, fresh freeze-dried, and cold-milled into a beautiful green powder with all of the health benefits of fresh-from-the-garden parsley..

Supplement Facts


Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings per Container: 60

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Vitamin C (from organic camu camu berry) 25 mg 28%
Zinc (fermented) 15 mg 136%

Organic Whole-Food Complex

Shitake Mushrool Mycelia, Camu Camu Berry, Collard Green Leaf, Spinach Leaf, Parsley Leaf, Broccli Sprouts, Cauliflower Sprouts, Arugula Sprouts, Cabbage Sprouts

325 mg *

Cultured in a fermented food matrix: organic soy, organic maltodextrin, organic Saccharomyces cerevisiae, organic acacia, L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, L. rhamnosus, papain & bromelain enzymes

certified organic

No GMO'S, Dairy or Gluten

Suggested Use: 1 capsule daily with or without food.

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